Underwater: Amtospheric fog or Postprocess?

I’m dealing with an underwater scene and i’m struggling to get the effect i want.

This is a reference from Sea of Thieves.
Do you think they using Atmospheric Fog to get this bluish effect or a postprocess with scenedepth?

If I use the atmospheric fog I need to have 2 fogs in the scene (one on land and one underwater) and it seems to be really hard to swap to the correct fog in the right moment.
On the other hand if use the postprocess with scenedepth I lose all the translucent particles i have.

What’s the right way to tackle this problem? Thanks.

Use post process volume with material

Thanks for your answer.
I’m using a post process with blendable material, and i’m using a scenedepth node to get the opaque blue in the distance.
This create a problem with particles because they are not rendered on top of the postprocess and get lost. Do you know any workaround?

You probably need to change the Blendable Location in your post process material, try setting it to Before Translucency and see if that helps.