UEngine::Browse load an empty level

I’m trying to use the function showed in shooterexample to load map

bool ShooterGameInstance::LoadFrontEndMap(const FString& MapName)
	bool bSuccess = true;
	UWorld* const World = GetWorld();
	if (World)
		FString CurrentMap = *World->PersistentLevel->GetOutermost()->GetName();
		if (CurrentMap == MapName) { return bSuccess; }
	FString Error;
	EBrowseReturnVal::Type BrowseRet = EBrowseReturnVal::Failure;
	FURL URL(*FString::Printf(TEXT("%s"), *MapName));

	if (URL.Valid && !HasAnyFlags(RF_ClassDefaultObject))
		if (!GEngine) return false;
		BrowseRet = GetEngine()->Browse(*WorldContext, URL, Error);

		if (BrowseRet != EBrowseReturnVal::Success)
			UE_LOG(LogLoad, Fatal, TEXT("%s"), *FString::Printf(TEXT("Failed to enter %s: %s. Please check the log for errors."), *MapName, *Error));
			bSuccess = false;
	return bSuccess;

The result of the function call the level set in defaultgame.ini but the level showed is completely black, with only a small block under the spawnpoint smaller than that in the level (I seen the block with the wireframe mode)

instead of

Someone know the reason? TravelServer and LoadLevel wont’ work, it’s for mainmenu level loading.

it doesn’t even load the selected gamemode_menu, you can see the hud is still gamemode

(the string display in the first image are map path, spawn actor location and current actor location)

P.S. Launch instead of Editor or Standalone works

Did you manage this?