Uefy 2.0 (Pro Edition) make Blender's rigify rigs compatible with UE5, also has a FREE version

Did you set the unit scale to 0.01 at the start? This has to be done before you import anything into blender or do anything else. The rest goes as shown in the tutorial videos. All character meshes and armature objects must have (0,0,0) location (0,0,0) rotation and (1,1,1) scale.

I started over and made double sure to set the unit scale to 0.01. It worked this time. But I have one more issue in that the toes (ball of foot) are turned 90 degrees. Is there a way to fix this? (using the original mannequin bone rolls.)

When you import the mannequin be sure to update the roll on the foot as shown in the video.

I have been getting a weird glitch(feature?) where I pose the meta rig to match the armature, and it makes the leg and arm bones huge and the spine and heels bones are still small. Has anyone else had this?

In order for the script to work all involved mesh and armature objects need to have rotation of (0,0,0) and scale of (1,1,1). In addition to that the unit scale before starting needs to be set to 0.01 or you’ll get issues in unreal engine later down the line.

You are probably getting size problems because you didn’t not apply rotation and scale to the metarig after resizing it like shown in the video tutorials.

Hey, can you give me some insigth on your script?
Can i turn off the posing of the metarig without breaking something down the line ((only the posing and with it the need to have a source rig present))?

What I want is to use your script only to build the unreal deform rig onto any metarig without going through the inital armature posing/renaming etc.


Creating the unreal skeleton imposes conditions that require a specific metarig. Posing the metarig doesn’t just update the pose, it also modifies the metarig to be different from the default.

The script is intended to add the Epic Skeleton to blank characters or characters with humanoid skeletons (not full rigs) like imported mannequin or marketplace characters. It was not designed to be used with random metarigs or characters already rigged with rigify without using the script.

I want to keep the modifications of the metarig (meging/deleting bones, adding twists etc). I only want to skip the posing, since it already posed as I want.

what I could do with my already rigged character (which also had the metarig kept): I exported my character to mixamo, gave it a rig and set up the uefy workflow except i used my original metarig. I didn’t need to pose my character to ue4 pose and the script succesfully built the unreal skeleton, worked fine. So I thought that getting the mixamo rig and stuff could be skipped completely.
as i said I don’t care about rolls, pose … what I need is the mannequin hierarchy, ik bones in an easily exportable format built under rigify. Then it will be retargeted in ue4 anyway. Watching how your script works it seems to me it could be used this way.

You can skip posing the character, but you have to pose the metarig as it serves a dual purpose of posing and modifying the metarig.

As it stands right now you can not safely use your original metarig to rig your character. You have to create a new one. If it worked for you in the past consider it a fluke because it was not very different from the original and everything the script expected to find was at it’s default place and setting.

Most of the characters I use are auto-generated without any bones or are from marketplaces with just skeletons not rigs. So rigify pre-built characters are not a priority for me.

Export your rigify rigged character to FBX with only deform bones and re-import it back to Blender. This will get rid of the rigify control bones and you end up with just another skeleton that already has weight painting. After that re-name and re-rolls the bones. With the new tools in the latest version this is easy. And continue with the tutorial to finish the process.

In this case you do not need the Unreal Mannequin. You can SKIP posing the character. You will end up retaining your original weight painting and your original pose. There might be some adjustment needed for the twist bone weight paint as Rigify and Epic Skeleton create them at different locations.

There is no need to involve Mixamo in this.

Perhaps I’ll do a video on this process too. rather occupied at the moment but hopefully will get back to making videos.

Ok, thanks!

btw the character I use are also pregenerated, they are from daz3d, but addons exist to convert them to rigify. Also in your last tutorial you show how to rig any mesh with no skeleton, but even in that case I think adding and adjusting a metarig is a bit faster. Especially since the bone names are standardized it could be faster to use as entry point for the uefy script.

there is a way to use de IK bone function and the feet detect the geometry?. or i need to create a new physics asset?

The usual way is to use traces from the feet location downward to determine distance from ground. Then adjust the feet with FABRIK nodes in the Animgraph.

this seems nice a tool and all but 30$ is a rip off for such a simple function
also what is that shady website i cant even find a link where to buy it why not upload it to gumroad or unreal marketplace?
i aint buying this because its too expensive and the website is way to shady
i dont trust it

There are a lot of people using the script at this point. Most of those that are familiar with the rigging process and what this script does will perhaps agree that it is worth the cost. You can find some testimonials earlier in this thread.

I’ve already published five updates for it. Currently working on the next.

The purchase link is on Uefy 2 – Rakiz Random Rambling

As for the FastSpring platform it has been around for years does what it’s supposed to do well enough.

Uefy 2.0 (Pro Edition) has been released it is FREE upgrade to everyone who purchased any version of Uefy Script. The new addon is much more capable and has a lot of new features.

Uefy Script is now called Uefy Script (Lite Edition) and it is FREE for EVERYONE.

Tutorial for rigging prebuilt characters with Uefy 2.0

Full step by step guide on rigging a prebuilt character. We use a mixamo character here but with a few adjustments this should work with any bi-ped character (non-biped tutorials later).

The video explains how to create your own reusable character mapping. Unlike Uefy Script that had a fixed number of supported character types like MakeHuman, Fuse etc. Now you can easily create your own mappings. The auto roll tool works best with characters that are in a T-pose. it cuts down on the amount of time you need to spend on fixing rolls but it is still just a guess. You have to check and update the rolls if needed. Luckily this is a quick process as we still have the bone roll tool.

Pro Tip: If you are creating a mapping that will not be reused for other characters. Don’t fill out the entire list. Just map the main skeleton bones and apply. Then use the Bone Rename Tool in extra tools to update the finger names. It is a lot easier and saves time.

Overall there are a number of small improvements, that put together saves a lot of time spent on each character. I had to run tests on the old Uefy Script after developing and working with Uefy 2.0 for a while, going back this becomes so apparent.

People upgrading from the old version will need to relearn some workflows but it is worth it.

What tool do you recommend for skinning a character built from scratch, please?

In the viewport in Object mode you can do Shift + A -> Armatures -> Uefy Script -> Reference Skeleton -> Base Posing Skeleton to create a skeleton. It will already have correct names and rolls. Just move and rotate the bones into place in your mesh and weight paint them.

After that it is the same as following the above tutorial ( Rigging a character for Unreal Engine 4 with Blender, Rigify and Uefy 2 - YouTube ) instead of the mixamo character, you’d be rigging your own mesh.

Uefy 2.0.1 Released. This is a maintenance release, with a fix for one of the twist bones when exporting with UE Mannequin rolls.

Use your existing emailed download link to get the latest file. If there are any issues with the download send a reply to the email and I’ll sort it out.

Hi, I just got Uefy but whenever I try to create a uefy skeleton, I get this error

What should I do ?