Uefy 2.0 (Pro Edition) make Blender's rigify rigs compatible with UE5, also has a FREE version

Uefy 2.0 (Pro Edition) Released!

It is a blender addon that makes rigify rigs suitable for use with game engines like Unreal Engine 5.

Uefy 2 NOW supports Unreal Engine 5 mannequins.

Uefy 2.0 (Pro Edition) is a free upgrade for customers who purchased any version of Uefy Script.

Many years ago I watched the Epic ARTv1 Tool playlist on unreal’s youtube channel. I really wanted to use that but the cost was prohibitive. Uefy Script was a attempt to get some of that functionality with Blender. But now with Uefy 2.0 I think I get pretty much everything that Epic ARTv1 does.

Uefy 2.0 is not limited to just the unreal mannequin. You can rig everything from machines to fantasy creatures.


The addon creates an efficient and optimized bone hierarchy suitable for use with Unreal Engine. You can use all the advanced features offered by rigify and have none of the drawback on export.


Supports import in unreal engine directly to the original ‘UE4 Mannequin Skeleton’. So you can use any 3rd party code made for the mannequin without any retargeting.

Uefy Script (Lite Edition)

The old version “Uefy Script” is now the Lite Edition and it is FREE for everyone. The Lite Edition is limited to rigging the unreal mannequin and characters of similar shape. The Pro Edition can rig anything.

Be sure check details on my website: Uefy 2 (Pro Edition)

Uefy 2.1 Released!

  • New Match Pose feature let you edit existing marketplace animations using Rigify. HUGE time saver.
  • ‘Preprocess’ functionality has been automated away. Go direct to ‘Build Skeleton’, great for iterative workflow

Uefy 2.2 Released!

  • Supports Blender 2.91
  • Added support for rigging Character Creator 3 meshes

Uefy v2.3 Released:

  • Added new preset to rig Daz Characters
  • New function to merge weight paint on bones
  • New function to remove preexiting rigs
  • Blender requirement updated to Blender 2.93 LTS

Uefy v2.4 Released:

  • Improved compatibility for Blender 3.1
  • 5 segment rear_paw and front_paw support
    The paw support is great both for creatures and androids/mechs in free form mode.

Uefy v2.5 Released:

  • Massive update adds support for Unreal Engine 5
  • Rig Manny / Quinn 89 bone mannequins
  • Rig Manny / Quinn 161 bone mannequins (Experimental)
  • Improved Bone Rename Tool
  • Various other improvements

Uefy v2.6 Released:

  • Compatibility with Blender 4.0 and above
  • Improvements to bone chain rename tool

Uefy v2.6 is a free upgrade. Use your existing emailed download link to get the latest file.


Looks pretty cool, but your website is down for me. Any other way of downloading the script?

Some Tutorials:

Rigging the mannequin is very easy with Uefy 2.0
The tutorial also explain how you can use a blender rigged mannequin to setup animation sharing for all your characters so you don’t need to make new copies of your animation sets for each character.

Tutorial on how to use Uefy 2.0 to rig character that you might purchase from a marketplace.

Intro to the new ‘Free Form’ feature of Uefy 2.0 to rig anything from machines to fantasy creatures

Full Facial Rig for Epic Skeleton with Lip Sync demo:

Website is still down. Would love to purchase this. Any chance it’s going back up?

  • Removed Link -

I’m trying to work out website related issues but I don’t wish for people to purchase the script without reading the details and requirements on the page.

Hi, We bought your script for our project. First: your webiste is really unaccessible.
A request: can you make your script work on characters already set up with rigify? I admit I haven’t spend too much time on figuring it out, but right now it seems impossible to use.
I could live without the repose function, though it would be nice to have the ue4 rest pose on the rigify rig, but the renamer (which I guess the pre-req for building the epic skeleton) should work…and the actuall generation of the epic skeleton of course. thx in advance.

I don’t think that would be possible (or in any case a simple fix). The script makes changes to the metarig and those changes would not exist on characters rigged without the script.

By using an other script, namely the unrigify from Chichige-bobo I can generate a new rig from rigify, a much simpler one. I can also rename the bones (to mixamo for example). It might not be 100% match because I’d like to keep the twist bones for example…
I assume this could work then. I’ll have to dive into your script, though I’m not so great in scripting…that’s why I hope you can figure out something… at least make using the custom boneset easier, (more easily configurable)
ppl may want to use Daz, makehuman, Manuel lab etc characters with your script while keeping the original weigth paints.

Perhaps but the script only works for limited set of circumstances which I have listed on my website in the FAQ. I don’t know why you can’t access it but multiple DNS and availability tools say it is up worldwide.

it says: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR, not safe bla bla bla

Hmm… maybe the cert is not recognized. You should still be able to access it directly without SSL: Uefy 2 – Rakiz Random Rambling

it’s not working, tried it on different browsers, my friend in an other country also can’t access

I tried hard getting this thing work, but it’s just too much hassle…
I converted my rigified character into something very similar to an epic skeleton (already quite a bit work renaming bones, removing the extra bones) and I got to the point where the bones were renamed to ORG-… correctly, but when I wanted to set the pose the limbs were bad… I probably need to adjust the bonerolls too, which is a bit too much… I hoped this could help me using characters which are already set up with rigify, but it is not the case.

I had an idea how can I use an already weigthpainted mesh with your system:
1, I uploaded it to mixamo and let them autorig it
2, I went through the process to re-rig it with that rigify/epic hybrid.
3, then I replaced the mesh with the original one, which had the correct weightpaints-(a little trick helped here: joining objects as shapekeys and then applying it). Also I wrote a script to rewrite the vertex groups.

So it works, but quite long process. There seems to be an error with the head bone naming, but it’s not a big deal.
One problem though: the bonerolls of the original epic skeleton are different from those we get from your script. It’s not a problem for simple animation retargeting, but some advanced systems like the advanced locomotion system relies on matching bonerolls and it’s quite difficult to fix.

Anyway, I think it’s a usefull script, hopefully it can be even more streamlined to work with different skeletons.

Hey @Waves can you sell this via Gumroad? Just curious :slight_smile:

Added more videos and updated description. Also I hope all website related issues are resolved now. Please send me a PM is you still have trouble accessing the website.

Released Uefy Script version 1.2

There are some breaking changes, you may need to regenerate and reimport old characters

  • Script now exports Epic Skeleton bone hierarchy with original UE4 Mannequin joint rolls
  • Custom Mapping added for Makehuman characters
  • Support added for missing finger bones
  • Breaking Change: Head bone is now called ‘head’ instead of ‘head_01’
  • Breaking Change: IK bone orientations and default behavior changed to match original mannequin more closely
  • New functionality to support bone roll changes
  • Support added for semi-automatic addition of new bone chains on top of Epic Skeleton

Also made a new video showing how you can rig any character with a similar bone hierarchy as the original mannequin

Also updated the first post of the thread. Uefy Script is available for sale at Uefy 2 (Pro Edition)

Great Job! I recommend this script, it works very well. Looking forward for future videos.

Added another video, this time we rig a Paragon character in Blender with rigify + uefy combo and bring it back to the Engine. I picked Paragon Wraith for this example, he is one of the more simpler paragon but the video still ended up nearly a hour long. Paragon Characters have weapons armatures built in with their main skeleton. I remove the weapons and make it possible to have switchable weapons and shareable animations with other characters.


Any plans to upgrade this script to 2.8?