Uefy 2.0 (Pro Edition) make Blender's rigify rigs compatible with UE5, also has a FREE version

This script is designed for and only works with Blender 2.8 beta and above. Did you mean upgrade to Blender 2.8 final? I expect the script will continue to work without modification but once Blender 2.8 final is released I will go over it and make any updates if needed.

Would this script work with meshes in Blender that have shape keys, please? There is a script here which permits one to apply the armature modifier on a mesh with shape keys GitHub - przemir/ApplyModifierForObjectWithShapeKeys: Blender script

Part of the process of rigging a character with Uefy Script involves applying armatures to the mesh. Blender does not allow that if the mesh has shapekeys. So this is more of a Blender issue rather than anything the script does. This also means you can get around the problem. Remove the shapekeys from the mesh, rig the mesh with help from Uefy Script. Then copy the shapekeys back to the now rigged mesh from a copy of the original mesh.

I know that Blender has support for this type of data transfer. Seen some stackoverflow articles, you can search for them. But I have not used shapekeys myself, I can not provide instructions.

Uefy Script has support for exporting characters with joints rolls that are compatible with Unreal Engine 4. That means you can import characters on top of the default UE4 mannequin. This makes it very simple to update characters for 3rd party products like ALS or hardware based products which expect the bone hierarchy to have the same orientation as the default UE4 mannequin.

Hi Rakiz,

Great script! I tried it out today and found that it works with a character that originated from Make Human. I think this is gonna be a great time saver and I no longer see any reason to learn Maya.


Can anybody help me to figure out how to add custom maping to uefy, my character is variation of UE4 Mannequin with out ik_hand_root, ik_foot_root, ik_hand_l, ik_hand_l, ik_hand_gun ?

Adding a custom mapping can be difficult. You should first try to use the process shown in this video to get the rig you need. Convert Existing Character to Unreal Engine 4 with Blender and Uefy Script - YouTube

The new bone roll tools from update 1.2 work very well. I might remove custom mappings altogether in a future update.

I recently purchased your script and it doesn’t want to work.

the way I am doing things is that I have gone through your tutorials pretty closely but once I get to the part where it comes to pose the rig (i am using a fuze character) I would get this error, I don’t know what is going on, and have tried the basic way (straight up mannequin), as well as the fuze and any character (the frog monster) and haven’t been able to get it to work.

can you please help me figure out how to fix this?

@Scorpiologist I can take a look at this. Contact me on email, you can send a reply to the email with the download link.

It seems there has been a change in Blender’s API that requires an update to the script. This happened just today for the May 16 Blender 2.8 Beta download. The script was working fine for yesterday’s build on May 15.

Since this just happened I don’t have any information on what changed or how long it would take to update the script. In the mean time if you contact me on email I can provide you links to download my copy of the May 15th build as well as the much older build that was used to make the tutorials.

Update 1:
I have the script working locally with the new API changes. I will update the download once testing is complete. This might still take a while.

New version 1.2.1 Released!

You can get the latest file from the same email with the download link used to get the original. The link has been reactivated. If your download link does not update, send a reply to the same email with a description of the issue and I’ll sort it out.

Recent Blender 2.8 beta changes require this update. If you are using the Blender binary released today, then you need this update.

Once bought and i have the code, im free to distribute it (or modify) under the same license as for use with Blender (GPL3). I can distribute it however i like - for free or for money.
Have you considered this? Basically, i can fork it on github under GPL3 without any issue.

Yes I have known that from the start. Any script that makes use of Blender’s API must be licensed under the GPL as I have done here. GPL allows me to charge a fee as I am doing so here. The income helps support me and this project.

You can start distributing it however you like as the GPL allows. Even if you fork the project my copyright notices can not be removed. The script will remain something I created and am rather proud of.

Lastly I would like to point out that from all the people who purchased this script. Nobody has done this simply to deny me some supporting income. If you wish to fork the project I ask you add some significant value. Ofcourse nothing stopping you from just distributing it for nothing.

I would like to add some user testimonials to the Uefy Script website (Uefy 2 – Rakiz Random Rambling). Quite a few people are actively using the script. It would be awesome if you can post something about your projects and how you use the script.

Any recommendations/quotes you can add would really help me out and be greatly appreciated.

Hi Rakiz,

Your script works very well. I have used it to create a modular character starting with a Make Human mesh that can utilize the UE4 mannequin/Epic skeleton and therefore many animation sequences, both free and purchasable. I have been writing a blog about my progress here: http://blog.futureofmankind.co.uk/?p=28

The only improvement I would like to see in a future version is:

  • Enable the ability to Set the Bone Rolls to that of the Epic Skeleton when exporting an FBX

Hi Rakiz

I have been using the script for a few months now I was already transferring all my models to the ue4 default mani. I was looking for a way to speed up my workflow. I am glad to say your script exceeded my expectations. Following your video guides i committed all bone names and rotations to memory and am able to transfer a mesh to the ue4 mani in minutes rather than hours. I have yet to find a mesh it did not work for. This includes ones from mixamo and paragon char.

Thanks for your work

I would also like to say giving someone else work away just because you can is morally wrong how would you enjoy it.

It has payed for itself 100 times over in the hrs it has saved me

agreed… can we get something a bit cheaper than £24.55 to go from blender[Free Software] to UE4[Free Software] :slight_smile:

Waves put a lot of work into this! I’d gladly pay for a plugin this useful. I certainly don’t think it’s an unreasonable price.

fully appreciate the great work went into it, just trying to hint to Epic to help Waves bring it to more people! :wink: :wink:

Haha, sorry if I was harsh. You’re fine.

Yeah, I agree it’s pretty terrible on both Epic and The Blender Foundation’s part that after all that big talk about FBX and the investments that were made, both sides just drop all semblance of support for each other like a bad habit. :rolleyes: I’m sure there are reasons though, we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.