UEFN Moderation Warning opens an Empty Blank Tab instead of a list of Moderated Assets

SO my BRAND new project that I started from scratch just got content moderated. I didn’t even have the chance to import textures. I did migrate some UI Widgets I made, so I suspect that because those files were part of a project that was previously moderated this project is now kaput as well.


Turns out it wasn’t a content warning, it was a verse persistence warning. I had to publish to a private version, then go to creator portal and try to publish it again from there to get a warning message that meant anything. I don’t have the screen shot of it, but it was complaining about backwards compatibility with verse persistence, which lead me to this article:

In the Island Settings, at the very bottom in the Debug section, make sure you have your edit session set to Import Live Data. This is the relevant piece of information from that article:

Import session data from live data if live data is available: This requires that the island has been published live and that the player has played on the live version of the island.

If you’re just starting from scratch, you can’t have that set to simulate new user.

I wish the messaging was a little bit better on this.

Hello, i’m getting a moderation content warning on my project and i can’t launch a session anymore there my logs
Logs.zip (10.4 MB)

I got the same issue when linking my props to a blueprint actor, the class wasn’t correct apparently and was making it flagged. So maybe you all try that too.

Could you send a screenshot of how you solved it?

I had similar problems when I started making UI - the project doesn’t start and is marked as ‘Moderation’. Eventually I found out that I have the problem if texture_blocks are used in the code (any places, even if the code is not executing).
As a temporary solution, try commenting out all parts of the code where texture_blocks are used. The “Moderation” warning will disappear if you re-open UEFN after a successful launch.
If it helps, please vote for the post to get it fixed faster.

Hi you all.

I would like to share my experience with this matter.
I have been experiencing this issue for a long time and I find out that in my case it always is related with some asset in the project that is not validated by UEFN but that does not put up an error (A texture that is too big, a verse device that has one object not well referenced…etc).

What I recomend is to test every addon of your project every time, in other UEFN project. Check that everything is correct and continue

If you have added new assets of verse files in your project recently, try to remove them and rebuild it. There is something creating errors in your project but it does not put up.

For example, my last experience with this issue was very trivial: Just a texture that was too big. I just opened it and close it after. The Moderation Warning disapeared after that.