UE5_Foliage black shadow

Hello, i’ve just starting using UE5 and I want to know how I can get rid of those strong black shadows on my foliage. Lumen is enabled and all light actors are movable. Am I missing an option?

Thanks !


Did you ever solve this? I’m getting some basically pure-black shadows on some of my meshes in a Lumen enabled project.

I found the solution to my issue, which is likely unrelated to this thread. I am using Cesium for Unreal in my projects. With Cesium, you can generate 3D tile sets using Google Earth/Maps data to get real world context into your scenes.

It turns out, even when you hide certain parts of the tile set using the Cartographic Polygon, they still cast shadows onto your scene. Only solution I’ve found is to hide the whole tile set in the sequencer and do two passes. One with Cesium visible and one when it’s not. Not a great solution, but works for now. Hopefully this helps someone else in the future.