UE5 EA - Meta Human Size Glitch when using UE5 Sequence or Take Recorder

This is a glitch in UE5, where if you bring in a Meta Human and record with either the Take or Sequence recorder, you get a larger-sized body appearing in the playback…almost as if the mesh snaps to the larger size despite the larger size not appearing in the BluePrint:

Here it is with both the recorded and non-recorded MH on screen simultaneously, recorded with the Sequence Recorder. *Note - no animation was applied, just a static recording

And here is a Before-timeline and In-Timeline screenshot of the Take Recorder glitchfully warping the body to the larger size:

-Before Timeline-

-In Timeline-

Good job Qixel!

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Issue already reported, however not yet fixed or anything made better, no work done on it…
Note - apparently only applies to Male variant MH, not Female variant MH:

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Thanks for connecting my report! I think there was even older report (from March or April) made by another user with the same issue, and nobody from MH team responded to it too.