UE5.1 Directional Light Disappear In Short Distance

Unreal Engine 5.1 directional light in this particle scene have problem lighting object over around 5 meters. The directional light in another scene inside the same project work fine.

My lighting setup are:

  • Luman
  • One directional light (movable)
  • One sky light (movable)
  • HDR sphere scale at beyound 15000 for sky light to capture (static)

As you can see the directional light only affect short range of object in the scene, and have this wield grid pattern that follow the rotation of the directional light. I am not familer with UE5 so where could this problem be?

Fix I try:

  • Reopen the editor
  • Delete the old directional light and add a new one


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Hey there @Zandermn! It kind of looks like it’s a projection shadow of something blocking it, with the way the shadows seem to interact normally with the environment.

Could you disable and hide the sky sphere and the sky light’s “affect world” boolean to see if the skysphere or light overlaps could be causing this?

I test your method but it seem after hide the sky sphere and set the sky light affect world to false, the problem indeed disappear. However, in this case the only light left is directional light and the HDRI sky sphere light are no where to be found.

So after many testing and insperation from @SupportiveEntity I figure out what is blocking the sky sphere lighting. The problem is it’s blocking it’s own light, I need to set the cast shadow to false so it will not cast shadow to everything inside the sphere.

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thanks, this solved my problem!