UE4 Top Down Character Light 'Ghosting'

I’m new to using UDK, and I’m using the top down project setup. I’ve noticed the green circular marker at the position of the cursor leaves a green trail when I move it around. I’m not sure what’s causing this, but it’s quite annoying. Also when the character moves or I turn the camera it leaves a white trail (assuming because the character is white). The trail just colourizes what ever is behind it and quickly fades out but I’m wondering what’s causing this and how to remedy it. Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance.

Hi ThatPixel,

This is caused by TemporalAA and having very “busy” textures behind any moving actors or camera movements because the TemporalAA uses the previous frame to smooth the results with the current frame. This is something that we hope to improve in the future, though!

Take a look through some of the posts below for suggestions on how to proceed.