UE4 - Split-Screen / Building Lighting Errors


I have recently been working on a 2D Action-adventure game called Project: LS.
During some tests with lighting and experimenting with split-screen, I found that the lighting pattern on Player 1’s screen is sort of duplicated to Player 2’s screen…

As you can see, there’s light at the bottom screen where there should be complete darkness.
Not really sure how to fix this unfortunately.

I’ve mainly been using blueprints as I’m rather new to C++ and did a lot of testing to make sure things wouldn’t break, but I’ve had a few issues here and there lately.

Additionally, UE4 doesn’t want to build lighting at all when static lighting is enabled in Project Settings, is this because of the thin paper 2D actors or something?

Figured out the building error. It was a landscape object I was using which really didn’t like the lighting.
Some static lighting error vs using dynamic lighting.

The other bug still remains a mystery for me.