Ue4 rendering does not show directionnal lights

Hello, so I have a scenes with two directionnal lights that create two different ambiances along the animation, first one is orange (sunset) and second one is silvery/blue (moonlight). Both create god rays using exponential eight fog. As the orange light fades out, it is replaced by the silvery/blue one via the sequencer. Meaning in the beginning of the animation orange one is 10 intensity and blue one 0 and at the end of it orange one is 0 and blue one is 5. Both lights display properly in viewport, in camera view, and in camera cuts preview but when I launch a render movie, only the actuals lights in the scene appears, and both “night” and “day” directionnal lights do not appear. I tried to be as precise as possible, I will join 3 screenshots to illustrate my question.
Thank you for your help.]1