ue4 reflective vector


So I was following this tutorial " UDK | VolumetricLightbeamTutorial " which is for UDK, but I assumed I can replicate this in UE4. How do I set up the reflective vector node in UE4 so it is the same is as in the tutorial. I cannot find the same node so I assume I have to do something different?


The node I am talking about is the reflective vector node on the right side, the very first node.

Hey luklew10 -

The Reflection Vector in UE4 works via World Space and can be found by ‘ReflectionVectorWS,’ it should be a red colored input node not the blue material function version. For this particular tutorial, you will need to do a ‘Transform’ from World to Tangent in order to get the Reflection to work as it did in UDK.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum


Thanks for the answer. Im not sure if Im doing it right but I added a transform world to tangent node after the reflective vector node but the light cone still doesnt look like it shows in the UDK tutorial.

This is what the material looks like in UE4 at the moment.

Hey -

To set it up exactly like the UE3 model, you will need to set the B input of the Add node after the Mask (B) to 8 and the B input of the Mulitply node to 0.8. Make sure your falloff texture is Texture2D'/Engine/EngineVolumetrics/LightBeam/Materials/T_EV_LightBeam_Falloff_01.T_EV_LightBeam_Falloff_01'

Let me know, that should fix it up -

Eric Ketchum