Ue4 networking framework for 1000 lightweight concurrent users?

Good day lads,

I want to create a “large” scaled multiplayer game with a persistent world.
I do not expect more than 1000 ccu.
Something I have learned over the time is, that numbers of 60 or up to a hundred of ccus with the built in networking framework is quite possible, but everything that goes into the mmo area becomes a problem.

My interest is now in how this will turn into a problem. Is the problem the sheer amount of operations a single user will take?
Or is there already a problem with the amount of users connecting to a server?

If not, by reducing the amount of work for the server, a number like 1000 ccu should be quite possible, no?

Let’s say you have 1000 players which don’t really share anything with the server except a couple of variables. In fact, the server would store some critical variables for every user and change them periodically (let’s take 150 variables per user for that example, 10 of them changing every second, minute or hour, just a simple addition, no excessive function or formular behind it). The variables would only be sent to other player on demand, which happens if the player who “owns” the values wants to use them, or if another player tries to access them by taking an action, which would only happen every couple of hours, and then those variables would only be sent once)

Would the engine be able to handle this even for a large amount of players or is the engine just gonna fart and die for a reason I don’t know?

Thank you.

Best regards,

  • Steven