UE4 listen not working

Hello forum, so basicly I want to make a Client-Listenserver model and not even trying it from the console does work.
I tried it over a vpn, lan and on the same computer with none worked. I use “open Map1?listen” on one game and “open” on the other game The client does not connect and outputs: “UNetConnection::Close: Name[…]” and I suppose it is because the listen server is not accesable. The game that listens outputs: “LogNet: GameNetDriver IpNetDriver_3 IpNetDriver listening on port 7777” but when in cmd>netstat I don’t even see something on the port 7777!

However over the client errors that it does not have the map (

LogLinker: Can't find file for asset '/Game/Maps/UEDPIE_0_Map1' while loading NULL.
LogLinker:Warning: Can't find file '/Game/Maps/UEDPIE_0_Map1'
LoadErrors:Error: Error /Game/Maps/UEDPIE_0_Map1 : Can't find file /Game/Maps/UEDPIE_0_Map1
LogNet: Browse: /Engine/Maps/Entry?Name=Player
LogLoad: LoadMap: /Engine/Maps/Entry?Name=Player

) eventough the both instanced of the engine are exactle the same!

I hope you can tell me if this is a bug or I simply do something wrong.

PS.: Don’t servers normally need an IP they should listen on? Would it be possible that unreal listens on my public ip and that is why it is not working. (I know it is not realistic because the engine itself can’t even find out my ip but still)