UE4 Lighting Errors

I’m currently creating a Sci-Fi game. I am creating my levels out of modular assets I have created. All of these assets have depth and snap together seamlessly.

When I build the lighting I would like the gaps to seem seamless. The images above show the result I am getting. They are all using the same colours and roughness on the materials but seem to all have differents shades when I compile.


Another problem I am having is this. I have checked everywhere and there doesn’t seem to be any holes in the wall but I am still getting this strip of light along the floor when I compile. Any ideas of how I could possibly fix these problems? Thanks


are your vertices in EXACTLY the same places? what do the model normals look like?

For the floor light strip you could pop a blocker behind it. Check your vertices are in absolute alignment like Nuclear suggested. Could you post a shot from further back? It’s hard to see the roof geo or what might be causing your issues from your shots. Also I’m not sure which strip of light in your 2nd image you’re referring to, could you ring it for clarification?

Thanks for the suggestions, however, I managed to fix it by combining all the meshes into one.