UE4 Free!

Hey guys,

Can’t say how much I love Epic Games and UE4.

And now even more ----> it’s FREE to use for anyone: If You Love Something, Set It Free - Unreal Engine

Wow I had not expected this. And, to think we just so recently had people complaining that it wasn’t fair Epic was giving them this powerful tool for free.

I must say that this news caught me by complete surprise. With a wide range of development tools now accessible, it will now be much easier for someone new to become involved. Definitely grateful. Thank you Epic and Tim Sweeney. :cool:

This is so awesome, I have credit for $30 woot. Epic, you truly live up to your name, thank you

Congratulations to the people with stuff in the marketplace, too. Your speedy response to its opening means there are hundreds of thousands (millions?) of dollars about to be shared out among you.