UE4 Filmmaking Questions! Tuts, PhysX Cloth, Lighting,

Hey everyone,

firstly, I hope this is the right section. If not please move it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got some questions. I want to make some animated short films and when I take a look on the Kite or Infiltrator Demo, it seems a good way to use UE4!


1.) Are there any good resources for learning making films in UE4?
2.) Since I am using Cinema4D and if I am informed correctly, there is no way using Nvidia PhysX Clothing with C4D (only 3DS Max) - who can I make realistic cloth for my characters?
3.) Is there a good lighting tut out there for ‘‘realistic lighting’’?

thanks to everyone!

Just a very quick line on number 2:

I am in a similar sticky position as yourself, as a C4D user, I am very happy with the motion graphics/animation pipeline with C4D and After Effects nested compositions, and then dynamic linking into Première Pro for editing.

So, in a [very] long way, I am looking into the following process:

C4D=>AE=>Prem Pro<=>UE4(sequencer)

Using the CMX EDL file exchange between Prem Pro and UE4; The C4D Lite exchange between AE and C4d; and of course dynamic link between AE and Prem Pro.

I haven’t experimented yet, but I think my thought process is sound - but could also be quite a nightmare of nomenclature and file(s).

The big white elephant in the room is Unity which has a plugin which works specifically between C4D and Unity - but if I am completely honest, it is no more than FBX pipeline stuff, so the actual difference is no more than what you would have to do if you went C4D=>FBX animation=>UE4 (build, build, build, lights, materials, etc etc etc) add cameras and sequence it and ‘push’ it.

So, I’m looking at taking the long way around, and using EDL, CMX, I think I may run into a lot of problems with nested compositions from AE, but it still might work to my satisfaction…

The other way of doing it would be a direct FBX animation import, no different than using any FBX import/export system, but I like the idea of going between C4D/AE/Prem and UE4.

2016 Updates for Adobe, Maxon and Epic really have come a long way from 2013 - check out what Adobe and Maxon have been doing over the last month or two, very impressive stuff.

Just to go into 3 for a second, yes there are some very good tutorials out there, but because UE4 changes so much, it’s very hard to get up to date tutorials involving lighting…almost too much advice/wood for the trees problems arise.

My very strong advice to Epic Games would be to split the forums for workflow purposes, so CINEMATICS have its own forum section, so this can be dealt with and not conflated with other topics - because it truly is a science and mindset all unto itself which requires a true cinematic process, and not a computer game mindset…it’s a very subtle art.