UE4 4.22.3 Crashes (BSOD) Laptop on Shader Compiling/Material Editing

Hello, I just wanted to ask why my laptop is always crashing when I try to open maps or materials that are big?

I mean, I tried downloading sample projects from Paragon and whenever I open a character in the Skeletal Mesh editor, it tries to compile around 4000+ shaders and suddenly my laptop freezes and later on goes to a BSOD error.

I’ve updated all my drivers to the latest version but still to fix for my issue.

Loading small maps like the material maps is ok but trying to open complex maps that has a lot of shaders is really crashing on my side.

Here’s the crash I get:

DxDiag Information:

[Dxdiag Information - Exported][3]

Nvidia Driver Information:

And I’ve made sure that all .exe files in UE4 are running on high-performance NVidia Processor

Please let me know how to fix this issue. Thanks!