UE4.26 water system and large landscape workflow

Hello everyone,

I’m still very much green when it comes to using the engine, so please pardon my lack of knowledge, but lately I have been playing with the new water system introduced in 4.26 and I am confused about some of its “intended” functionalities and limitations.

1) Is there any way to make the new water system ‘infinite’?

The new water system seems to just generate a limited number of (tesselated) tiles where the player can go, and the illusion of an infinite ocean can be achieved with the distance mesh option. Is there a way to make the ocean larger, or ‘infinite’, like, say, Oceanology, so the player can navigate anywhere? Just increasing the number of tiles does not seem to work properly, as it’s usually just crashing the engine with values over 100 tiles.

2) Is the new system compatible at all with world composition?

In most of the tutorials and tech demos available, everyone is using just a single landscape with the water system. Fortnite, on the other hand seems to combine the water system with the world composition “tile” workflow. Can anyone shed some light on this topic - on how these two systems are intended to work together?

3) How is the “Landmass” plugin supposed to be used with World Composition?"

Say I’m working on a large landscape (with world composition enabled) and I have mountains crossing multiple landscape tiles/levels.
3.1) If i was to use splines to create those mountains, wouldn’t they cross multiple landscape tiles/levels and break the level boundary?
3.2) To use the system correctly, are the splines intended to be placed in the “persistent” level or inside of a “landscape level”?
3.3) I have a rough idea that Landmass uses distance fields to generate the geometry and it is expensive inside of the editor. Do you believe it is a viable workflow option for creating larger environments?

I have already seen in one of the videos HERE that the 4.26 water plugin has some limitations when it comes to scaling and its dependency to a landscape. I was wondering- if anyone has more experience with these things and IF my questions above are indeed actual issues, are there plans to fix those things in the future?


For 2, Epic is working on the new grid based world partition system for UE5 and probably they don’t want to add too much effort to a subsystem which will be replaced soon. I would be happy if they could confirm it because the devs who were using world composition, must decide how to continue. I probably wait for 4.26.1 patch and check it again. If the water system couldn’t be used with world composition, I have to revert back to 4.25 as I interested in 4.26 mainly due to the new water system. Of course, changing back my tiles to original big landscape isn’t a solution for me because I changed to world composition exactly due to memory and performance problems, in addition, I would lose all my sculpting and foliage editing I suppose.