UE4.25 Oculus Build, Oculus Link, Hand Tracking and VR Preview

Does anyone know if its possible to use the Hand Tracking example in VR Preview via the Link Cable?
Or do is it necessary to build first?

I’m curious about this too!

Let the Quest enter the Link mode and VR preview directly in UE4. This way is no problem.

**My problem is that this method does not work in packaged Windows applications. I don’t understand what went wrong. If anyone has tried this way, please email me, thanks.**

To add: The packaged WindowsNoEditor uses Link, and the hand tracking does not respond.

How do you let the Quest enter Link mode “directly” in UE4?

Open Link in Quest device, use VR preview in UE.

That does not work for me using the latest Oculus Quest Build of 4.25.
What UE version are you using?

Still wondering about this.

To be clear, my process to test has been:

  1. Turn on hand tracking in Quest
  2. Enable Link
  3. Open Handsample.uproject in UE4.25 Oculus Quest build
  4. Launch VR preview

Hand tracking is non-responsive.

Am I missing something?

I think Oculus said that hand tracking is not available in Oculus Link. Only if you use the Quest mobile.

@SenseiHaketon is absolutely right you can use hand tracking withing Unreal (Oculus branch) but Link doesn’t support hand tracking. I assume that have integrated the editor only hand tracking inside the Oculus Plugin to improve iteration times.

Right now if you are the Oculus Home on PC you can’t use the hand tracking.

Link does not support gestures only in the interface of the OculusRift system menu. . . Whether you can use gestures or not has nothing to do with Link. Your program needs to support hand tracking. Link is just convenient for debugging. I have completed the task of developing gesture interaction. I have been using Link. Why is there someone in the reply saying that Link does not support gestures? ? Oculus Link isn’t a tool developed for debugging and it isn’t just convenient for debugging, it literally allows you to use a Quest as a Rift or RiftS. Using Link you can play PC games using a Quest. Link does not support hand tracking, can you play hand tracking games on your PC? As you have noticed you can package for windows with hand tracking enabled and it won’t work.

When using the Link, the Quest is running in RiftS mode so no Quest-goodies active at that moment.

Your reply is surprising. Link only transmits data. After the application has developed gesture-related development, it naturally supports gestures. How can you directly say that Link does not support gestures? I now use the Link method to interact with gestures very smoothly. After all, the VR all-in-one machine is really hard to run large industrial models. Running on a workstation through and streaming display is the correct way to open it.

Check if Quest has turned on hand tracking.

All I was trying to say is that as far as I know you cannot develop a desktop application that supports hand tracking even if you use Link. I know that you can use Link and get hand tracking running in Unreal but the Oculus Home doesn’t support it and unless I am missing something there is no app on the Oculus Desktop Store that supports hand tracking and there is no way for now to make one.

I had originally replied to this as it is not surprising that it doesn’t work in a packaged build, Link does not support hand tracking for now. When I say Link I don’t refer to the actual cable but the whole system which includes support by Oculus on Desktop. If you have actually managed to package for Windows and get hand tracking working I’d love to know how you did it and even get a build to test on machine.

Im using the 4.26 preview 4. I a able to use hand tracking using preview in VR inside Unreal. Works pretty well and the tracking is ok. I package the file and when I install it on quest (using sidequest), its all a black screen. I know the hand tracking is working because if I turn my had towards me I could do the system reset action with my hand.
I opened the handSample file in the oculus help url

Hi, Does anyone know if hand tracking still not working with Oculus Link? Thank you

Hand tracking is only available on the Oculus Quest itself when it’s running Android games on the device. When you are using Oculus Link you aren’t running games from the device, instead you are running a PC game and Oculus on PC has not been updated to support hand tracking.
I also would not expect it to support hand tracking any time soon since they’ve really neglected their PC software since they’ve been focusing on the Quest.

? It’s available since october '20 I see?
Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Quick Start in Unreal Engine 4.26 - YouTube (7:50)