UE4.24 Photo Studio and ArchVis templates exposure issue

I have been exploring the new project templates in UE4.24. After opening the Photo Studio or Archvis, both are completely blown out (white). By default I was expecting the exposure to be as the thumbnail image.

Is this as expected, or anyone else seeing the same overexposure on startup?

It seems like the auto exposure isnt adjusting, although setting the exposure compensation in the post process manually can help.

Any advice if this is correct before we commit to UE4.24 for the next project would be great.


Self answer… if anyone has a similar issue on start up of these templates.

The editor engine scalability settings had post-process set to Low - this disables auto exposure in the editor - Im not sure if this is something that is auto set based on hardware, or from the project? - simply reverting all settings back to “epic” solved the issue.