UE Forums update - Thanks for your patience while we get things back in order

Hi all.

We just updated the forum software version used here for the UE forums. There is still a bit of work ahead of us as we get some things back in order, and we are aware of some issues such as missing themes, badges, and search problems. Thanks for your patience while we address these, and these forums should feel like home again soon.

Please share any feedback or issues you discover on the thread in the Feedback section:…pdate-feedback


We have fixed the ability for users to post replies under the Announcements section
Signatures are displayed for all users again (they can be custom disabled if desired)
Badges are displaying again
Searching should provide full results now
Frequent session timeouts have been fixed

Really sucks that signatures are disabled by default… Almost everyone on the forums gains exposure and generate interest in whatever they are working on from our signatures and now that is gone. With signature rules you can keep them clean so they dont’ get out of control but I honestly don’t see the big benefit with removing them by default… I mean if you want to allow people to disable them then sure but don’t make them disabled by default

I liked the signatures. I found useful community links through them. Some clickbait. Its well worth the trouble.
colqui helped me learn with a blueprint i found in signature, and I found some mp assets I didnt know existed.
it also gives confidence and inspiration to indie, devs that see others making progress, and releasing good games through links. Not just building lighting

totally agree with Ironbelly, its kind of suck with the signature gone, and we can’t search latest post in forum anymore? Be honest I don’t think its a improvement

I can no longer browse for new posts, I used this a lot to find new topics, posts and assets etc. are there plans to bring it back?!

It’s not nice they didn’t test things internally before pushing it out on public but hey, it’s not meant to stay this way. I assume a lot of the current troubles will be addressed in a week or two.

I honestly think the old one was fine. I don’t see why signatures had to be disabled I found them very useful. Hopefully features that was in the old forums can be put back in the new setup. :\

hey, Looks like the new design comes along pretty well with the overall design of Epic. however I’m really not happy with the embeds… no more videos or sketchfabs embeds??? for real? what the heck is up with that? please fix and give us the ability to embed…

Sigs would be nice (and maybe avatars, call me crazy) but also I’m not digging the page width? Previous layout used the whole monitor, now we’ve got one little column.

The dark theme is easier on my eyes when reading lots of text i noticed, not sure if its the same for others but hope that comes back soon.

Stretching text across the entire monitor is actually really bad for readability. Way too much moving the eyes left and right to read annoying long lines of text. ​​​You’ll find that most other forums, and blogs, and everything else, use a fixed width layout.

Yes theme theme theme… black theme… I need it back…

Signatures are actually on display, when not logged in.

@Stephen Ellis Getting error message Server Abort, when adding to quotes to quick reply.

There is such a link visible, when not logged in.

+1 Since marketplace doesn’t provide discoverability for us - asset developers -, you just disabled our precious little marketing tool.

Also +1 for avatars! It provides quick look preview for single user’s posts in thread page. And it is cool :rolleyes:

There’s an option in the settings to enable signatures, I guess it was disabled because of the update. Or this option was recently added.

Really? I didn’t even notice this… I certainly hope this wasn’t on purpose

Some feedback.

-receved a private message:After reading it i noticed that i dont have it saved??No where to be found,gone?
-what ever i click in my profile i get a window with the the text ¨¨logging in¨¨ and i have to wait for each action in my profile
-changing the filter in the notifications tab doesnt do anything.In fact its not saving any preferences
-my sent messages are stored both in my sent items folder AND in the indbox folder
-slow navigation (this is on up to date ver of firefox)

-And i cant quote posts.

Edit:looks like quote is working now.

Hi all.

In order to consolidate feedback in one place, I’m going to close this thread and ask everyone to continue the discussion in the thread in the Feedback section:…pdate-feedback

A few notes as I close this one out:

  • New visuals will be coming (I miss the dark theme too, but it will be back)
  • All settings are enabled to show signatures, and it is flagged to be enabled as default. But if you don’t see signatures, you can go into your user settings and enable it. We are still looking into forcing the default on, on existing accounts.
  • We are continuing to work on the forums to address issues, although there may be some changes which are inherent to vB5 and beyond our control to change.