UE-7019 bug


I just wanted to ask how is it going with UE-7019 ? It makes almost impossible to create 2d game with a high contrast dark/light graphics. It’s more than a year since it was reported. Yes, there is not many games with this type of graphics but the bug also prevent anyone to use point light in an orthographic (2d) view at all.
Idk if it is relatd but i cant even place a fire into my game because of these ortho view bugs.


Hi Seeder,

This bug is still backlogged. With other priorities at the moment this is not likely to be addressed in the near future. Orthographic view is known to have rendering issue and all light types are not yet support or intended to be supported.

I’ve added this post to the ticket and bumped the community interest. However, this does not guarantee it will bump the priority in which the bug is addressed.

Sorry for the inconvience.