[UE 5.3.2] Nanite alters object normals.

For some reason, enabling nanite causes certain triangles of a mesh to be pointing the wrong directions, causing some shading issues :

Nanite Enabled

Nanite Disabled

Right now, this doesnt look like a huge issue but this can randomly jump to-and-from any part of a mesh depending on the distance, it can and has looked worse than this.

So far the only setting that affects this problem is the “Normal precision” setting, but even at maximum this is still present, just less so.

A higher triangle count mitigates the problem, but it isn’t ideal in a project that allows players to enable/disable nanite.

I should mention that i haven’t found/explored console commands relating to the problem yet, if it’s one of those fixes, i’ll gladly take it, otherwise, any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.