UE 5.1 online subsystem for Android?

Hi guys,

Can I use UE 5.1 inbuilt Online Subsystem to make multiplayer for Android via Epic Online Services?

Please share some info. What should I add, to make it compatible for Android via inbuilt Online Subsystem.


I’m having the same question as you. For now, my best hope is EOS subsystem. I managed to get multiplayer working but only on the same network…

What you mean by same network (you means on Android or on windows, multiplayer for windows via oss is easy)

If I have two android devices connected to same Wifi for example, it works perfectly. However, when they do not share the same internet connection, session are not found.

can you please share the code how you do that?

There’s no real code, it’s just the find session and create session node (from the advanced session plugin)

ok ,
from “Advanced Session Plugin” what can you access except Session , can you login? through Advanced Session plugin in android

The plugin works great on android (without steam, at least.) What do you mean by login ?

login via eos in android

I still didn’t implement EOS for android. There’s a documentation page but it’s extremely long and difficult to understand (to me, at least)