UE 4 Water buoyancy guide or tutorial?

Can anyone help provide a sample project for water buoyancy? I tried to follow Handkors tutorial but there are just some details that he didnt explain, he did tell on how to implement it in his videos but that isnt exactly a tutorial. I also did try to look at the wiki page tutorial he posted on an old implementation of it but it seems difficult to follow to.
Can anyone at least provide an understandable guide or tutorial? Or if you have a sample project that successfully implemented Handkors Mathematical buoyancy, I can try to study it step by step.

Any help is appreciated! :smiley: Thank you!

Link for the video that I tried:

The community ocean project is exactly what you need. It comes with example maps and a buoyancy component, in additon to a real gerstner wave based ocean.

Hope this helps
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Thanks for the answer! In the ocean project, there is a plugin that they are using, do you think I need that plugin in order for it to work? Thank you!

I really hope someone can share a sample project that implements bouyancy. :confused:

I know it is a very old post but whoever is still interested in the buoyancy component for the new water system: I made a quick and easy beginner tutorial of the component in this video: UE4 Perfectly Floating Boat - Tutorial - Unreal Engine Water System 4.26.1 - YouTube

With the help of the new component, you can quickly set up a perfectly floating object without having to implement much on your own.