[ue 4.5-pre] Shaders are recompiling at every start of editor.

I tried to evaluate new pre-release but found this strange bug. Everytime I open my project all of shaders are recompiling.

UPDATE: Change this to bug report. Also there are warnings in log:

LogShaderCompilers:Warning: 1 Shader compiler errors compiling MAT_LevelColorationLitLightmapUV for platform PCD3D_SM5:
LogShaderCompilers:Warning: Engine/Shaders/ParticleSpriteVertexFactory.usf(213,36): Shader TShadowDepthVSForGSVertexShadowDepth_OutputDepthfalse, VF FParticleSpriteVertexFactory:
 error X3018: invalid subscript 'ParticleSubUVs'
LogShaderCompilers:Warning: Failed to compile Material /Engine/EngineDebugMaterials/MAT_LevelColorationLitLightmapUV.MAT_LevelColorationLitLightmapUV for platform PCD3D_SM5, Default Material will be used in game.

UE version: src CL 2306883 by Ben Marsh in 4.5 branch

Hi TimGS,

Does this occur on a blank project with no additional content? Additionally, are you on the source build?

Hi, . Yes it does recompile shaders even in blank project everytime editor starts. I’m on source build (I wrote the exact CL my fork is synced up to)

Here’s the full log from blank project

Hi TimGS,

I just wanted to give you an update. We are currently looking into this and will post here with news as soon as possible.

Updated to the latest revision. Problem disappeared.

Good job, guys, thanks!