UE 4.22 + NVIDIA GameWorks

We are creating a «TrinityMS» game using your Unreal Engine 4.18.

After the release of UE 4.22 we decided to transfer all of our work to the new version. But we have encountered a problem, that NVIDIA didn’t make some their shaders, that we use, available for the later versions of the engine. We would like to have UE 4.22 with these shaders:

NVIDIA GameWorks:
• FleX

• WaveWorks

• HairWorks

Would appreciate greatly if you could help us to solve this situation.

Thank you

NVIDIA paused lots of their UE4 branches and Gameworks seems to be one of them, whereas meantime I believe they are in full power to provide RTX integration which prioritizes everything else.

The best bet you have is via 0lento’s 4.21 integration here: https://github.com/0lento/UnrealEngine

The link does not work unfortunately. :frowning:

You need permission to view all UE4 sources and forks: Unreal Engine 4 on GitHub - Unreal Engine

Thank you very much. Everything works.