UDK to UE4 indirect lighting issues on imported models

Hi All,

I am brand new to UE4 and I’ve found an issue with models that work fine in UDK but in UE4 there seems to be issues with shadowed areas not receiving indirect light. Below is an image showing what I mean. This tree model imports fine into UE4 but in the level the self shadows are entirely black. The materials only contain a diffuse component which for the leaves is set as masked and double-sided. The image at the bottom shows exactly the same model in UDK, which does not experience this issue:

Things I have checked and tried:

(1) Normals - normals look as if they have imported properly, in fact in the actor window the lighting on the model is fine. I’ve tried importing normals and calculating normals, neither makes a difference.
(2) World settings - I have tried playing with the world light settings in particular the indirect but with no affect on this model. For example, I have played with a lot of the lighting related properties but to no avail so I am thinking this is model specific.

So my question is:

(1) Is there some fundamental difference between UE4 and UDK in the way models are imported, for example, do binormals and tangentials need to be in the FBX file for import normals to work correctly?
(2) Are there some material settings or world lighting settings that need to be set to get indirect lighting to behave on self shadows?

Many thanks!

Answer =

Add a skylight :wink: Duh :wink:

Another way =

PostProcessVolume with Ambient Cubemap. :slight_smile:


Maybe try LPV. :wink: