UDIM rendering with Virtual Textures


I posted this in the possibly wrong thread about Virtual Textures, so I wanted to extend this t the community who has maybe a solution for me.

Thanks a lot

Wait until 4.26 is released, because they adressed and corrected this issue in 4.26 Had a model too, that got it´s textures arranged in the wrong order in 4.25, but the very same model imported into the preview version of 4.26 worked flawless, with all virtual textures sorted as expected.
The problem was, that there was NO standard for how those textures had to be sorted, and for 4.25 they used the sorting order with starting in top left and going on like reading a book. But most people and their progams seem to work the opposite way, starting at the bottom and then going upwards(this order is introduced in 4.26).

Thanks a lot. Will wait for 4.26 then seems it has a few more rendering features I would want to play with as well. E.g. MultiChannelExrs

I am having the exact same issue – and I AM in 4.26.2

All same things:

Only reading 1001 in the UV visualizer.
Only mapping to the 1001 tile.
Not being able to see other UDIM tiles

Were you able to resolve this?

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I have this problem, too, with 4.26.1. Only 1001 is shown.

I solved it: I forgot to enable Virtual Texture Streaming in project settings - it works now!