UAIS - Universal AI Sytem

Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new to this forum, so bear with me, if I doing some thing wrong.

I have created a nice Universal AI System, written in Blue Prints. It is a simply, but verry flexible AI system, in the mind to get fast a flexible AI system to the project.
UAIS is based to use AI Spawn Marker, where you can setup inside the marker, how you’r AI will act. UAIS also comming with a simply path system for the Patrol AI.
You can setup : Patrol AI, Guard at place, Guard at random waypoints around the spawn marker in 2 x the agro range, Simply turret.
The spawn marker can be setup, that the AI respawn or not. The respawn time, agro and attack range, and a lot more.
The path waymarkers hold information for speed and wait time and number of the waypoint.

To get more information about UAIS, please visite and or watch out the videos.

I did submit the UAIS to the marketplace, hopefully a lot people are interested in that AI system.

Thanks for reading

Exactly what I was looking for.


nice, what price would it be?

price will be 34.99


Do you think a configurable Wave System in the Spawn Point with timer (delay) and options for a growing multiplied increase of enemies amount for each wave is beyond the scope of your project?

This could be very interesting!


I have in my plan, for future updates, to integrate some thing like that. Allways a good idea!
It could be a extra spawn marker for wave spawning bots, but I have to think about that, first and how to implement to the project.

I like to buy it, is it allready submitted on the marketplace or can you place it on Sellfy

At the moment i been preparing UAIS, so i can send to Epic. Then it needs the regular process, like voting in trello and QA test and all that.

I think they are closing the Trello


Last day i add a feature more to UAIS. Now it is possible to toss out Items also. But most of that must be implemented to the Bot character. The demo bot support to toss out randomly the sword or the shield, or both together. You just setup in the Spawn Marker, that you want have toss out at this Bot.

This means, that the Bot Character must have a random loot generator, to toss out loot and what kind of loot. The demo bot will show you, how you can do that.

Oh wow, a cool step! Make the process faster is allways nice.

Any reason why this wasn’t updated for 4.10? The item doesn’t make .project files when you ask it to start a 4.10 project, so obviously that needs some fixing. I was looking forward to seeing some updates, such as the wave spawning mentioned.

Any chance we could have this item at least updated for 4.10/4.11?

Do you miss the start exe file? if, yes, send me a mail, so i can send you the exe file. There seams to be a bug while downloading… but that is in epic hand to fix. may send also a mail to the support team from epic.

The wave spawn event manager is under construction, and will be soon done.

Yeah I think there’s something missing when it downloads the files to start the project, would be Epic’s end if that’s the case.

Don’t think I’ve said it yet, but thanks for all your work on this item. Quality stuff.

send me a e-mail to game3d(at)
I then send the missed exe file to you.

i already informed the marketplace team about this , it doesn’t create a .uproject file untill than you can copy directly the files from content folder to your content folder

still waiting for that animal AI update since the animal run away it’s not working properly

A new UAIS version will be soon availlable, with a much better run away function. The bot character will be not longer be a child of the player character. And bigest change will be the promised wave spawn manager… just got it work tonight, but need some more testing and polishing.

The current version has been fixed and .project files are now being created for 4.10. Awesome.

Any ETA on the next update? Looking forward to it. Wave manager sounds ballin.

This is a video, showing the new update. i will send the new UAIS to Epic, once the documentation and all is ready for this. Hopefully you will see it next week at the marketplace.