Type of mesh from Content Browser

Hey everyone!

I’ve been looking into building efficient environments, but I’m not very experiences in this area yet as I’ve only made small games so far.

I know how to make instanced Static meshes from within an Actor. But I was wondering what type of mesh is placed when you manually place one into the world from the content browser. on the object details is says “Static Mesh (instance)”. And I honestly don’t know if that’s the same as an Instanced Static Mesh or not.

I guess this is a very simple question for those who know the answer already :heart:


Hello Benerot,

Static meshes placed in the scene from your content browser still get their own Object IDs and therefore are considered “different meshes”. If you create instances of the same mesh via Blueprint using the intanced static mesh component then that is handled as the same mesh. For a more information on regular meshes vs instanced meshes check out this post.