[Twitch] Welcome to UE4 Development - Apr. 3, 2014

Hey everyone! We’ll host our next Twitch livestream from Epic HQ Thursday at 11:30 PT / 2:30 ET.

Mike Fricker and Ray Davis will talk about the new UE4 community, a few tenets of UE4 development and what to expect in future updates.

We’ll also break a little news, so come hang out with us. :slight_smile:

Everyone is invited to ask questions here on this thread. We’ll answer as many as we can.

Tune in at

How much longer until the rest of the marketplace content is available? aka, the elemental and realistic rendering demos :slight_smile:

Are there any plans for conferences this year? Getting together with other Unreal developers would be great.

When are we getting our shirts for the last GDC stream? ;)…

No but on-topic, I’m glad that you all are actively interacting with your community. I can’t wait to get to the stream, I’m interested in the news! :slight_smile:


Will we ever have to pay for a feature or feature set?

I would not mind having to pay for a professional Epic Dev to visit our studio in the future.
But paying for features would be kinda sketchy in my honest opinion.

When will we be getting more advanced tutorials on Blueprint?

Everyone is invited to ask questions here on this thread. We’ll answer as many as we can.

Tune in at

Um, can you do a blueprints SaveGame example in the session? You might need to bring along James Golding.

I’ll try and tune in if I’m home from work by then.

Is there any guide/tutorial streams planned for the future? As in having someone like Jeff Farris or Zak walk through an impromptu project/task with input from the people in chat.

Hi crowl,

As a number of threads over the past week have suggested, many community members are struggling mightily to produce their own in game GUI based on Slate. While Coherent UI and other third party solutions are currently in the works, I suspect users would very much like to have a more user-friendly, integrated solution with, at minimum, the ability to lay out components visually.

Are there plans to expand upon the existing Slate functionality to create a more feature rich, visual UI development environment, or are there plans to integrate a third party solution which would fill this need? And if so, when do you think these updates might become available?

Thanks in advance,

These are all great questions! Please keep them coming.

@gregdumb, I think we will make you happy today. :slight_smile:

@RyanGadz, so many conferences! We’ll be at PAX East next week. That reminds me, we should get a blog post up about all of our upcoming events!

@RikimaruKF I personally am seeing to it that your swag gets mailed out this week. Thank you so much for asking great questions during the GDC stream.

@HeadClot Would we charge extra for particular features? No way, that completely goes against our philosophy. We want to give away as much as we can! Adding to that…

@tomofnz James Golding just recorded a bunch of new BP vids this week and we are working to package everything up and get it out there ASAP.

@Sonshi We’re still taking feedback on what everyone wants. We’ll do lots of “big” streams like the one today but also like the idea of a regularly scheduled live Q&A that people can count on every week or so. What would you like to see?

@Daydreamer Totally hear you. We know this is an area that needs attention and there are ongoing discussions about how to improve here. I’ll see if we can address it on today’s stream.

So I have a few questions:

  1. Are there any 3rd party books or training videos coming out for UE4 that you know about?
  2. Any plans for a big documentation drop soon or will it largely be an incremental process?
  3. I’ve really liked the videos on UE’s youtube channel and have found them helpful on getting up to speed on UE4. Any plans to produce videos that are a walkthrough of the FPS or RTS sample?
  4. Besides the obvious feature of opening up Marketplace to the community, are there any plans for content management in the UI (like deleting samples)?

Edit: I wish I had better engine questions for you, but I’m still running up the learning curve. :wink:

Edit2: 5) Any plans for other VCS like mercurial or git?

First of all thanks for hosting another stream, I’ll be tuning in.
I know you guys are working on some documentation for doing multiplayer/networking things in blueprint, and I was just wondering how that is going and if we will be seeing any sample content in future along those lines?

1). Will Epic Games work on a fully dynamic real-time GI solution to replace SVOGI, or will you rely on LionHead’s LPV implementation going forward?
2). What exactly is Unreal Motion Graphics?
3). Will we ever see area lights in UE4?
4). Is your pipeline(across all department) at work mostly: Maya, 3DSMax, Modo?

If I had to pick only one to ask it would be number 1.

Hey guys thanks for all the support you are giving the community! Here are my questions:

Rigging & Animation Tools:

Are there plans to add functionality for facial rigging and animation?


With the new Physically Based Shading model, do you need to use the Metallic and Roughness to get an accurate representation of different materials types in UE4 for ex. fluids like water?

What does the Specular input actually control?


Can you export blueprints to share with other users?


What are the plans for the marketplace? Is it going to be open eventually opened up to the community to share assets, blueprints, etc.

Are there any plans to even more lower the learning curve for new UE developers?

I’d like to see a complete API reference with some context - snippets of code showing in what scenerios a particular class, property etc. can be useful. Is it possible?

EDIT: Better Mac code completion support and native Xcode build process?

My exact thoughts, although I would pick the 3rd question… Or, say, dynamic GI that allows indirect light bounces cast indirect shadows. As long as everything acts as area light (whether it’s a lightbulb or a lit piece of a wall emitting the bounced light) - every object should cast area shadows then.

No questions - I’m always pretty bad at coming up with relevant or interesting ones, and most of the questions I encounter in development are either solved quickly or I blame them on my own stupidity :wink: So… have fun and see you in Twitch chat!

I would like to echo CreativeHD’s question regarding facial rigging tools as I think this would be a great help :smiley:

I’ve not had time to get my hands dirty with UE4 yet, due to my final year project at university, however, I have plans for a big Summer project but I require a bit of advice. I saw the security camera system in the Blueprint office and it will a massive help, BUT, how could I go about creating a Guard system in Blueprint? For example, guards all on different patrol routes and then go off that path towards the player or the area a player made a sound etc. Is that possible entirely in Blueprint, or would it need some C++ progamming? (I understand this is more complex than engine questions so Im not expecting any really in-depth answers :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also, can we get T-shirts too? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Will we see more base C++ tutorials and examples? The documentation is in dire need of expanding in that area.

Thanks again for all the questions. We’re going to try to answer all of this! See you at in a few minutes.