[Twitch] Twitch integration, 4.3 new feature highlights & more - July 3, 2014

On this week’s Unreal Engine livestream broadcast, Epic’s Technical Director, Fricker, and Unreal Engine General Manager, Ray Davis, will give viewers a first look at the engine’s 4.3 release coming this month, along with updates on other improvements on the horizon.

Twitch stream: Twitch integration, 4.3 new feature highlights, community spotlight and more
2pm EDT today

Fricker, Technical Director
Ray Davis, Unreal Engine General Manager
Guest appearances TBD

Tell us what you want to know about Twitch integration, 4.3 new feature highlights and anything else in this thread!

  1. Root motion in AnimSequences (not AnimMontage) and integration of DetourCrowds will be available in 4.3?
  2. When fully dynamic global illumination will be available?

By the way, you guys are amazing! Thank you very much.

FYI, title has yesterday’s date.

Will the 4.3 release have the Oculus Rift DK2 6DOF features included?


Is Epic looking into retaining an imported .fbx objects pivot point, rather then reseting it to (0,0,0)?

Are there any further compile time improvements coming in 4.3? The roadmap has a card for this marked for investigation in June and July, and I am curious how this is going so far.


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Project Tango looks very cool and i’m glad you guys are experimenting with it. But its still quite a bit aways away from consumers or even developers.

[Question] Kinect V2 [Windows] will be out in a couple weeks (Mid July), will you guys look to add more official support (I know there is a good plugin made by our community member lion032 ). I can’t wait to playing and developing with his plugin but was curious if you guys are interested in it.

Unity will being kinect v2 support “out of the box” and i was hoping we can get something equally awesome and supported :slight_smile:

this and “Add a tool for retargeting animations from one skeleton to another, with different bone names/hierarchy” from trello roadmap, will be available in 4.3?

Thanks you very much!!

Are there any changes/improvements coming to the landscape system with the 4.3 release of Unreal Engine 4?

Will have native integration with Substance Designer? Thanks!!

What are your plans (or existing features I may have missed) to support huge worlds in terms of coordinate systems? Is there a way to do origin re-basing or something like that to avoid the loss of float precision at extreme world coordinates?

I`m also interested in more info about the landscape-system. And like the question above, will it be options for open-world creation (Fallout 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)?
EDIT: Will the Realistic Weapons Pack include animations?

I too need to know when Substance Designer native plugin support is arriving.

Flak can you chuck the countdown timer on the post ;)? Tah!

Could you guys talk a little bit about the packager. (just in general)

I packaged an early demo of my team’s game a couple of days ago and while i managed to finally get it packaged and working, i hit a couple snags.

I noticed the shipping setting removes the console?
What is the primary difference between debug game and development?
Are there any other noteworthy things about the packager we should know?

EDIT: OH OH! Any of you know about getting a dedicated server running on Azure? We did required port opening business but couldn’t get it work. Got it to work on our personal machines though (over internet).

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Sequencer…any news?


[Fun/Offtopic question] Dana, or any other non devs at epic[accountant, HR], have you made anything in UE [even if it was just for fun/silly]?

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Enlighten me?

Any updates on world browser in 4.3, if not will this be added to the road map anytime soon?

Is UMG at a state to make our life’s a bit easier in the UI department?

How far will data tables be along? What features will data tables implementing in to blue prints have in 4.3?

Has any progress been made working with the company mixamo?

You guys rock!!! Cheers!!!

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