Twitch Training Stream - Creating a 2D Side-Scroller p.4 - April 26th, Live from Epic HQ


Alan Noon is back and ready to get into more Paper2D platforming goodness. This time around Alan is covering how to make working ladders for your side-scroller and also a weapon inventory system to manage your firearms. Come on by and see what you can do just using the power of Blueprints.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Tuesday, April 26th @ 2:00PM-3:00PM ET - Countdown]



Alan Noon - Sr Developer Relations Technical Artist - @AlanNoon](

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First of all thank you for continuing this series, it’s awesome.
I have 2 questions tho:

  1. Weapons
    What would be the most “common sense” approach to have the player unlock and/or upgrade weapons and have a different sprite for each?
    No bone sockets for sprites like there a on a mesh, so do we make the weapon an actor or just add everything into the character?

  2. Destroy Actor (Player)
    Let’s say Player has 3 lives, would destroy actor come every time the player loses a life, or use some teleport trick until the last life is wased and destroy on game over?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Capsule do nou touch the ground

The series is even very good and enlightening. However I found a problem with the size of the capsule. I created my character from the PaperCharacter class and it seems that when I change the size of character capsule happens a problem with their collision - the capsule do not touching the ground, but floats. I am adding a print of the screen to illustrate. Someone can help me solve the issue without having to drag the sprite out of capsule?

It was a good stream, the sprite flickering via material really helped, and the weapon system too. Can’t wait for the next one.

Very happy to see this series back!

Is there a download link for this project somewhere? Thanks for doing this!

I would blueprint screen caps or links to the final project to compare to mine at the end of these tutorials.

Be awesome as was mentioned in the tutorial.

I couldn’t get anything to work from this tutorial. It’s much better when you build it all live. I think you’ve missed out so many small steps that it’s impossible to follow. Seriously just spent a whole day rewatching this tutorial over and over and now I have a broken ladder, broken death animation and broken weapon system.

Can you please post your project files so that we can compare?

I can post what I have but it may look different. I got the ladder system to work, then I started working on 2.5d version using a mix of the 2d ladder and character with a 3D world similar to Paper Mario. I will try to post what I have tonight!

I finally figured out the ladder system. It mostly works except that the character has momentum when moving on the ladder, instead of stopping when the key is released. Not sure how to fix that.
One thing that was missing from the tutorial was adding ‘Detect Ladder’ on Event Tick.

Here are my screenshots -

Good to hear you are making progress!
Here is my solution to the momentum issue.

I’m sure there is a more elegant solution but it worked for me! Let me know if that works for you

Thank you!
I figured out a better solution. We need to stop movement only when Can_climb ==True and input on AxisMovement has stopped. Just put the stop movement in the climbing section like so:

Hey all,

Here’s a few screenshots:

Ladder Construction:

Ladder Event:

Character Movement and Ladder Detect:

Character Climbing Animation:

Hmm… I setup everything like in the screenshots, but I’m having the momentum issue as stated earlier. How is it that you limited the input without the stop movement immediately?
I noticed climbspeed as a variable but I don’t see it used anywhere in the BPs…

Thanks for the :cool: tutorials! Keep em coming!


Hey love this series. I was wondering if anybody has tried to make a swining rope that the character can jump on or if its planned for future streams.

Hey, In the ladder event i did anything like the blueprints its probably all working fine but i cant seem to fix my collision box on the ladder.I cant see any sprite in the view port for the ladder.I can see it in the editor and in game. I also cant see the collision box in the view port while the rendering is on visible. Someone maybe knows where i went wrong?

FIXED :slight_smile:

Unfortunatley, you won’t see anything in the viewport. Everything happens in the Construction script which is fired when the BP in dropped into the world.

In regards to the collision visibility, you need to uncheck “Hidden in Game”

Thanks so mutch :slight_smile:

Sorry for asking so much :rolleyes: But i still have a few problems i really cant seem to find out :frowning:
I can see the collision box now and changed the scale value x and y on it to match my ladder. Also the Z value from Ladder Top - Ladder down divided by 2 i had to change to like 40 or it would be sick high and low. But it still scales both sides(up and down). Also my character wont really climb well sometimes it does if i jump into the collision of the ladder sometimes with good input of my up arrow to go up and down arrow to go down. And sometimes it just sweeps floats up. Can still jump to even when i got a branch on my jump blueprints using false statement when climbing mode is activated. I don’t use a normal boolean but i have a structure keeping all my character booleans in one place to keep it more clean. I will add a pictures below showing how i setup the set climbing for that in the Ladder EventGraph but i’m almost sure that if set that up right:P

i’m very sorry for the many questions but im real new to programming and loving your tutorials :slight_smile:
PS: if u need more screenshots from blueprints please ask:)