Twitch Training Stream - Creating a 2D Side-Scroller p.3 - Jan 26th, Live from Epic HQ

Back by popular demand, Alan Noon is coming back to add more to the 2D Side-Scroller project, including updating it to 4.10.2, and answering your questions!

Part 1
Part 2

[DOWNLOAD]( (25.1 KB)&d=1430225685)

Tuesday, Jan 26th @ 2:00PM-3:00PM ET - Countdown


Alan Noon - Sr Developer Relations Technical Artist

Feel free to ask any questions on the topic in the thread below, and remember, while we try to give attention to all inquiries, it’s not always possible to answer everyone’s questions as they come up. This is especially true for off-topic requests, as it’s rather likely that we don’t have the appropriate person around to answer. Thanks for understanding!


Nice! Can’t wait! I was just watching the first two as 2D games are my primary focus. Admittedly I was hesitant about using Unreal for 2D games but I’ve never once heard anything bad about it, while the same cannot be said for the other engines out there.

I will be very happy with a training stream for creating 3D mobile games. :smiley:

I’m interested in learning about lit materials with Paper2D.
Still struggling with Controller, Actor and Pawn BPs, so haven’t looked into that too much myself yet.

I was wondering, for paper2d. what would be the right size for bringing in character textures/sprites for a modern game that is 1080p? I’m currently working on a paper2d isometric game and my artist is sending sprites for the character but I have noticed that after a certain distance from the camera, the sprite tends to lose a bit of detail and sometimes gets blurry edges(aliasing ?) the distances that cause this are not much more than one or two snaps from previous position.

I messed with sizing of the sprite and reimporting and it seemed to help but I’m new to making games in general and would love to know what would be a rubric for a 1080p camera resolution and paper2d sprites and the ideal texture settings to get the best compression for textures and keeping quality high.

Thanks Alan and Epic. Looking forward to it! Some of the things I would love to learn about and how to implement them for a Paper2D platformer game :

  • How to set up a somewhat smart enemy that on top of simple tracking(move to) the player can also jump over obstacles and or over the pits to get to the player.
  • How to set up a “world map” screen where you can select which level to play by clicking on a level icon
  • How to set up a weapon system (let’s say 2 weapons) from which the player can choose (making one of the weapons active)
    Thanks for your time!!

Can’t wait! I loved the first two. I would appreciate some insight into best practices regarding building out levels with tile maps. How large can tile maps be? Can they be the whole level or should tile maps be smaller segments that are assembled in the editor to build full levels? I also second the request for some basic enemy AI behaviors.

Nice! looking forward to this stream.
@VitalyBulgarov I’ve found a great tutorial for weaponswitch just implement this should work with paper2D. I use it for my 2.5 project.

@der_kenshin Awesome, thanks for the link!! Let me try that! :smiley:

Some AI tips would be cool, especially since NavMeshBoundsVolume doesn’t work with Sprites (at least for me it doesn’t).

Ура!! Неужели дождались

Great series so far!
Look forward to it!

Fantastic series, my requests to be shown are below:
-How to make an enemy that we can destroy and will attack us (there seems to be no tutorials for AI in paper 2D on the internet).
-How to setup ladders for Paper 2D.
-Working with materials in Paper 2D.

Hope this isn’t out of place. Is there a way to catch up so I’ll be ready when the stream goes live?

Or is there going to be an issue with version differences or something like that?

You can watch the first two parts, Part 1: Part 2: Even if you miss the stream, they always upload it to youtube.

Would be good to see some more map creation tips. Tile maps seem to display edges and flicker on my maps. I’ve tried reimporting and adjusting settings but no joy. Great series so far!

Thanks for watching!

DANG IT! Right as I left the stream, I remembered I wanted to do the weapon switching. Oh well, next time


Hey Alan, I was testing with the mips stuff.

this is my result. there’s still a loss of quality for this idle frame. I made this on a test project paper2d template. if you want I can send you the project for tooling with, or I can answer any and all questions and ready to post more result screenshots.

from left to right in this screen shoot is the texture, the actual sprite size(flipbook) and then the appropriate to camera distance size.

Edit: I’m not sure if this has to do with the max-in game displayed size?

Cool character!

That is odd looking. It appears as if it isn’t being scaled properly. Looks like rows of pixels are being stripped out. How many pixels tall is that individual character on the sprite sheet? I wonder if it is just over a power of 2 boundary and is being scaled. perhaps there is a upper limit to sprite resolution? What happens if you scale him down a bit?

Hey Alan, thank you for the new stream and for covering a lot of awesome/important topics. As always, learnt a ton! Cheers and looking forward to the next one.
p.s. love the idea of a future stream where you’d be making a few special case platformer enemies via blueprints without using Blackboard