[Twitch] Landscape Mountains Demo and More - Aug. 21, 2014

Twitch: Unreal Engine Landscape Mountains Demo - Live from Epic HQ
An overview of the Landscape Mountains content example, Marketplace submission updates, Gamescom recap, PAX plans, and EGX indie submissions.

Thursday, August 21st @ 2PM EST - Countdown]


Dana Cowley, Sr. Marketing Manager
Chance Ivey, Community Manager
Ryan Brucks, Sr. Technical Artist
****, General Manager

Feel free to drop any related questions into thread! Also, check out the Landscape Valley blog on UnrealEngine

See y’all Thursday.

UPDATE: Youtube Video Is Now Up!

Just a heads up that the countdown timer is currently set to 2am not 2pm :wink:

Hey Benjamin.smith,

Thanks for pointing that out. We are getting it fixed shortly.

What, you all don’t want to hang out with us that early? :wink:


Personally yes, but we aren’t all in Australia :wink:

For those that are interested, the timezone here is UTC+10 and the Twitch stream roughly runs between 4am to 5am on a Friday morning.

What’s the time frame for plugin submission for the Marketplace?

I asked question before, but I figured I’ll sneak it in again.

[Q] Last Thursday someone mentioned the character movement components replication abilities, and how there had been talk of migrating that sophisticated predictive replication scheme out of character, so it could be used for pawns that do not use character movement component.

Is anyone considering ? Would it be a big job? Or are there other built in pawn replication schemes in the works?

Also, [Q] I was wondering about the improvements to blueprint networking mentioned on the trello roadmap. Things like spawn point selection via blueprints would be great.

Thanks! Looking forward to tomorrow’s stream.


mentioned on a twitch a month or so ago that it was much more difficult to add a “hitch/hit delay” (when the game pauses for half a sec as the player hits an enemy in 3rd person melee games Like Dragons Dogma) … Any advice on how you solved it?

I’ve tried changing the anim play rates and global time dilation…neither worked reliably…

I’ll answer here because we may not have the right folks online tomorrow to discuss one. We are absolutely looking at how to abstract out, and I’ve been talking with the gameplay framework team about how to do it. Luckily it was already in the crosshairs as something those guys wanted to tackle. We’ll find a way to get it on the roadmap hopefully soon. In the meantime an easy workaround is to go ahead and use Characters even if you’re not really dealing with a typical biped type of pawn. You’ll be surprised how adaptable it is to any type of game. There is no reason that an aircraft or sprite couldn’t actually use these character features for now, even though it feels like a “heavy hammer”.

We’ll try to take the conversation out to the forums as it progresses so that you guys can partake.


Thanks for the fast answer Mike!

Perhaps I should look more into character then, I believe I was under the mistaken impression it was only suitable for walking pawns.

My current pawn is all set up from a heavily modified flying template, but I think I’ll try to duplicate its functionality with a character class.

Still looking forward to any future work you guys do at expanding feature. Thanks again

[Question] Is there anything planned for the gamescom next year? -> e.g a booth in the visitors hall or probably something like in the EGX London? :slight_smile:

**[QUESTION] **Any update on the “Cook On The Side” feature for rapid mobile deployment Josh Adams mentioned in post? ( https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?15356-FEATURE-REQUEST-Fileserve-like-Havok-Vision-engine-for-rapid-prototyping-on-mobile )

Since the Twitch theme is about landscape (seems), could you guys take in consideration request?:


And to be on “landscape”, landscape modeling tools are super nice, but missing just a few features to be total:

  1. ability to extract splat maps directly in specific layer for material
  2. erosion’s filters need more love, not really what I’ve expected.

We have to use external tools just for that:(

Thanks for reading!:slight_smile:

please epic provide an clean workflow to deploy dedicated servers :frowning: or at least document the current way

Hey, I asked about back when you guys did the meet and greet in Portland, but any news on getting non-transparent materials to smoothly fade to invisible (switching over to an identical transparent material doesn’t work, since they have the tendency to look like a glowstick when transparency is zero), like what you might see being used for walls in Diablo 3? I was told at the time that it would be looked into, so just wanting to know how looked into it is so far. :smiley:

I actually did a diablo-style wall hide here, with uasset :slight_smile: - Here

Some questions/feedback/suggestions.

While the landscape demo is well done and I picked up a few tricks, I was kind of disappointed it did not take advantage of Tiled Landscapes/World Composition. Tweaking a single landscape is easy enough, though the workflow changes when working with tiles. It feels tedious when you need to tweak something when it involves a ton of tiles. You can’t move the tiled landscape vertically like you can with a single landscape, etc.

I know Lyons Den has come up with an excellent tutorial/wiki page on World Composition, but I am wondering what your your internal workflow look like when working with Tiles and World Machine settings? Do you have an optimal tile size/settings? Obviously getting sense of scale right is important for VR.

I mentioned a while back: "*Something about the entire streaming process feels very off to me, entire terrain tiles loading at once instead of smaller sections, etc. Wouldn’t mind more control over landscape LOD distance, so that settings are progressively dialed down based on certain distances set by the user or optimized via system performance dynamically. Not to mention defining “Hero” areas like giant mountains in the vast distance. Right now tiled terrains all share the same setting as a proxy of the first tile imported.

Seems like things should be more automated by distance instead of manually setup, like it would be a much shorter list of things to setup if you started with a more global streaming standard and then setup the special cases.* "

Perhaps that would be setup via blueprint?

It would be cool if the tiled import settings had a place to simply enter what world machine settings you used, as well as options when reimporting tiles. Right now it seems if you want to change settings you have to start over with the import and delete the previous levels.

On the Roadmap, does the Large World Coordinate system refer to Double Precision Coordinates? Would that solve the limit on physics without World Origin Rebasing and Multiplayer limits(without a custom server solution), etc?
My ideal is to pull off something like ?v=CZSGRk0jFic
Perhaps something as crazy as later on: ?feature=player_detailpage&v=yrcEUO7TC28#t=345

Question for you about landscapes
I am having trouble understanding landscape materials in UE4. Can you talk about the landscape material used in the demo and perhaps what things we should do to make better landscape materials? Thanks!


Any plans for a UE4 Mid West Dev Tour?


Workflow/design question.

World Machine is great to post process terrain (erode, make textures etc.), but how do you find using it to create terrain from scratch to create playable map ? Using world machine all the way, or would it be better to create playable area using Landscape tools, and then export it to world machine to create all needed masks, and detail terrain.

I’m personally up for second options, but curious what you think.