[Twitch] - June 19, 2014

Hi everyone! This is a re-post. We had a forums outage and lost some data today (SORRY!!) so we’re including a few salvaged questions that we’ll answer tomorrow. If one of these questions is yours, please say so! If we missed your question, please re-post it in this thread. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

UE4 Broadcast - Live from Epic HQ
IDV, the makers of , are here to reveal new licensing terms and features available to Engine 4 developers coming with the release of 4.3 next month. There will be live demos and live Q&A!

****, Sr. Marketing Manager, Epic Games
****, Sr. Software Engineer, IDV
** **, Co-Founder, IDV
** **, Co-Founder, IDV

Thursday, June 19, 2pm ET countdown clock]

QUESTIONS FROM THE COMMUNITY (well, some of them - please keep adding!)

  • What’s is feature difference between this Subscription license version and the Normal Speed Tree for Games License - anything missing/limited?
  • Is full integration source code available for building UE4 + from source?
  • support / bug fixing - where do we go to get problems resolved if they happen?
  • Will we have to compile into UE4 like other plugins? As it stands this is proving too problematic in that one plugin creates issues for others, such as using Substance Designer with Wwise compiled into the engine.
  • When will this License take effect, i.e., When can I download with this license, and how will I register for a license? Do i just log in with UE4 subscription (and does the subscription need to be active)?
  • Will SpeedTrees work with the Pivot painter materials? Will there be an automatic setup of this (unlike doing it manually in 3DS with the pivot painter tool)?
  • Are you able to place and possibly modify trees inside of Blueprints? Will you be able to export these Trees (into FBX or so)?
  1. Expanding on this a little, will all the functionality of (UE4 edition) be fully exposed to Blueprints?
  2. Are LODs still created by the tool itself, and if so, is that the most efficient way of creating them?

Thanks, and looking forward to the broadcast!


Will the UE team make any tutorials for using in UE4?


Any future plans for IDV? - Something like “SpeedRock” or “SpeedBuildings” :slight_smile:

Will the trees be able to use the pivot painter materials? E.g. have an automated way to implement this information into the mesh (compared to do it manually in 3DS )?

Would buy SpeedBuildings and Speed Rock!

As for my questions -

Will we be able to use Speed Tree on Linux?
Can we adjust how many polygons / triangles are in our tree meshes?

Questions for the Folks.

1.) I’ve seen how you build trees. How do you build grasses and small bushes using your program?
2.) Can you create low poly versions of your vegetation meshes? Can you create LOD on your meshes?
3.) Do you sell vegetation packages of assets


Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

Speed tree for mobile? Looking for low poly optimization.

Will the Implementation support dynamic real-time modification of parameters ?

example; Will i be able to modify parameters during game-play i.e. Generation, Wind, Random Seeds like seen in the actual Modeler program ?

will this change the pricing of the engine in any way. i do not mind if it does as speed tree will be a fantastic addition to the engine but i would like to know before hand.

Will speed tree be open as a different app or will it be built into the engine.

Integrated vegetation tools ?
Tree Model Library is it possible to get any discount on buying from the library as a sub?**

would it or so be possible to Simulate animated growth of trees and plants in the engine throw a blueprint… This would be very very cool

thank you for this Epic ADD ON

, Sr. Marketing Manager, Epic Games
, Sr. Software Engineer, IDV
, Co-Founder, IDV
, Co-Founder, IDV

and the Epic Team

keep up the good work :wink:

Hey everyone, thanks so much for your questions. As a heads up, I won’t be monitoring this thread after 1:30pm as we’ll be prepping for the stream. If you have additional questions right now, please join the Twitch chat stream and wait until we begin taking questions toward the end of the broadcast. Preface with [QUESTION] so we won’t miss you. After the stream breaks we’ll return here to wrap up any loose ends. Thanks, see you soon!

The twitch streams are archived afterwards right?

If so where can i view them, i wont be able to watch it live.

The for UE4 page says there will be a subscription. How will this be handled if the licensee stops subscribing?

If you’re automatically locked out of your game if you stop subscribing (like in CryEngine), then a subscription isn’t interesting to me. This leads me to my second question: Will there be alternate licensing options, like paying a one-time fee?

Thanks guys!

I personally just add leaves -> then a texture with some grass leaves -> export/import it :slight_smile:

Here is a tutorial: ?v=EB291BCJ3zw

Every stream is uploaded to Engine Youtube channel a couple of days later.

Alternatively you can view UE’s past streams at anytime even right after live by going to ://www.twitch.tv/unrealengine/profile and clicking on “past broadcasts”

Will the Nali skin be brought back into the new Tournament?!

I think it’s better when you ask this during the UT livestream :slight_smile: This one is a UE4 stream

Ok, so $19.00 for the 4 Engine per month and $19.00 for Speed Tree per month? Correct?