[Twitch] Animation and Rigging Toolkit, EGX Recap, and More! - Oct. 2, 2014

Lead Technical AnimatorErnst joins us with Lead Animator Jay Hosfelt this week to talk about the latest updates regarding the Animation and Rigging Toolkit! This is a tool that we’ve been using internally at Epic for a little over a year, and we are glad to see so much interest in it from the community! Also, Dana and return from EGX with a quick look back at the show in London. Come hang out with us!

Thursday, Oct. 2nd @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Dana Cowley - Sr. Marketing Manager

  • Lead Technical Animator
    Jay Hosfelt - Lead Animator
    Ivey - Community Manager

Give us your questions below!

EDIT: YouTube video is up ****](- YouTube)

Sept 25th :confused:

I’m the best…

[QUESTION]]: Could you look into future improvements of properly handling IK targetting to, for example, handle the automatic placement of feet on slopes more accurately? The current system seems to have problems because of how the character collision capsule works in combination with IK targets.

The AnswerHub issue that spawned this question:
Two-Bone IK Setup for Third Person Character - Problems - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

Sorry to ask this question persistently, but I thought I’d try at least once more before giving up. :wink:

Looking forward to the Stream! Hopefully I can make it :slight_smile:

Don’t give Up. This might help your motivation!

Really looking forward to the stream. Hopefully 4.5 preview will be out at that time :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we get an update on Open GL ES2 + Android Extensions integration so that we can have high quality rendering in Android/Android TV. Google IO was over 3 months ago and we can’t replicate the video from I/O using UE 4 even with INI changes and the source and I don’t believe it’s been announced for 4.5. I believe the change to be locked up in the private Epic only SVN. I’m really afraid at this point it will just get forgotten and never rolled into the code. Anyone who got a Tegra K1 to develop on Unreal Engine 4 has been waiting and there hasn’t been any change to the card in the road map for awhile now.

Video for reference as it’s been awhile.

Was this discussed in the 4.5 stream last week?

I was gonna indulge it and listen to it but then I saw it was quite a long version. Thanks though! x)

[QUESTION]]: Are there any updates on how the development of Sequencer is doing?

In the last week stream it was mentioned that the Pre-Release notes where on there way up, on the site.
But its been a week now, did someone forget or what. :slight_smile: ?

[Q] Pre-release notes will they be available sonn?
Tryed every “channel” i can think of to get a answer for this, i guess i’m eager. :slight_smile:

Still working on the notes, there’s a lot to nail down, as it’s such a massive release :slight_smile: watch for them soon!

Any news on a facial rig? I have my own that I’ve been meaning to hook in there… there are a few incompatibilities to overcome, but it would be nice to have something standardized.

Great :slight_smile: thanks for leting us know.


Recently the ‘Zen Garden’ showcase was released on the iOS app store. During the live-stream many weeks back showing this for the first time, you said that the source would be released on ‘marketplace’ soon after to enable subscribers to delve into the content to see how your team at Epic put it all together. Do you have a date as to when this will available?

Also, is there a release date for 4.5?

oye…It’s Thurs. Already…If you’ve time on the stream today I’ve A Blueprint only Hack n’ Slash Game Currently up on Kickstarter which I’ll be updating on the W.I.P. section of the Forums.

if time is short I completely understand but it’d be awesome if you could mention it.

Jeremy is going to kill me, but I would like to know if there is a release date ( sort of, kinda, more or less ) regarding the Facial Rig in ART Toolkit :slight_smile:
More in depth:

  • Possibility to have a joint drive rig with the possibility of corrective shapes ( similar to LipService ), without the hassle of having Blendshapes all over the place.
  • Be able to add controls on the fly ( I mean pre-built )
  • Be able to swap skin weights between two different heads in order to re-use the same built rig
  • The joint rig is going to be build together with the body rig or it’ll be a separate thing? If its separate, an easy system which allows for connection without breaking the rig between the body and facial rig


Give us your questions below about new Animation and Rigging Toolkit in Unreal Engine 4.5 ?
Ok but where is UE4.5 ? i will put question if you want :o

**[Question] **
Animation and rigging Tools for Maya LT , it’s possible (Mel Script why not ) ?

**[Question] **
Did you look the new tools Send to Unreal Engine in Maya LT ? What do you think about it ?
How it’s work with Enreal Engine ? What is the best solution for working with it, Can you give us some tutorials ?


[Question] Can you go over the best way to do npc jumping through it’s animation, not physics applying force?

I’ve been doing root motion jumps, and switching the physics to flying, then back to walking on notify’s in the Montage.

What do you need to turn on and off in a locomotion system to handle it? I’m getting inconsistent results and think I may be over-complicating it.

Has there been any updates to the behavioral tree system for 4.5?

BTW, I also just wanted to say thanks again for all your work on creating the new skeletal re-targeting system. This is going to help me a great deal.