[Twitch] 4.7 Preview, Preview Builds, and More - Jan 8, 2014 @ 2PM ET

Mike Fricker and join us to discuss some of the changes coming in 4.7 and the new Preview release process (speaking of, you should see a new 4.7 Preview this week!). Also, Lead Engineer Golding will be visiting from the UK, so we’re dragging him along too!

Thursday, Jan. 8th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Ivey - Community Manager - @anonymous_user_c5ad40d01](://twitter/iveytron)
Mike Fricker - Technical Director - @mike_fricker](://twitter/mike_fricker)

  • UE General Manager - @EpicRayD](://twitter/EpicRayD)
    Golding - Lead Engineer - @EpicJamesG](://twitter/EpicJamesG)

Edit: The YouTube Archive is now available ****](?v=kbmDnqXoCXo&list=PLZlv_N0_O1gbggHiwNP2JBXGeD2h12tbB&index=66)

its will give a final version every 2 months , maybe 1/² month :frowning:
in the meantime Some plugin don’t work within Preview release .
wait strongly thursday for more info.


Welcome back from the holidays, I’ll be tuning in on Thursday realllllfasst

Since the topic is the engine updates, I’ll just slip a general question in right quick if I may…

Some months ago there was some discussion about implementing non z gravity that would effect physics objects and characters and such, which would be useful for making orbit mechanics and other cool gameplay mechanics…

Has there been any discussion about implementing something like this in a future update?


Its always exciting to have Mike and Ray on twitch. 2014 was a great year for UE4 and now I can’t wait to see what happens in 2015 =)

Really exited to see more of 4.7!
Any news on the Ecosystem Painting Tools? I’m guessing (and hoping) it’s a new take on the foliage mode, with better interface.

I’m guessing that migth be it. All I know is that something is being worked on according to https://trello/c/xj7TaKiu/418-ecosystem-painting-tools
There have been talks before about the foliage interface being worked on so I hope that’s what it is.

Nice! I’ll actually be around for this one for a change… If you folks are taking any questions, 's a couple from me:

1- Any news or updates on the upcoming Niagra replacement for Cascade, or any slight idea when we could start seeing experimental builds of it?
2- Same as above but for Sequencer, and will sequencer possibly support exporting non-realtime movie sequences with audio (Matinee doesn’t have this capability currently).


3- Any new content for the content examples project coming this build? Always love seeing new goodies there!

Any updates on the improved foliage tool? :slight_smile: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?22908-improvements-for-foliage-mode&highlight=foliage+tool

This is what I was wondering as well. I’m guessing Ecosystem painting tools is a new foliage tool?

Hey guys in 4.7 there are improvements to foliage.

Also a qustion if i may. :slight_smile:

Alot of talk on the forum of late related to NVIDIA Gameworks and we seen forks for WaveWorks intregration and apperantly VXGI in January.
And i noticed on NVIDIA Gamewors Page that Flex is upcoming for UE 4.
Its been hard to find any real confirmation on this so am wondering.

[Q] Are these all solutions that be supported out of the box with the coming versions of UE 4?
[Q] And are you able to talk a litle off what is actualy is getting implemented over the next couple of months?


We weren’t referring to the 4.7 foliage improvements that have been included in the preview. We were talking about the actual foliage mode/tool interface, as it’s pretty outdated and there has been talks about improving it.

Will large world support coming up in future versions include more procedural large world support? This could be anything from more access to world browser, the ability to draw dynamic meshes(voxels and whatnot), etc in blueprint.

any optimization for fast mobile 2d in future?

Great to hear that something is being done, thanks!
Lots of us are using procedural layers though, that automatically switch from grass to stone when the angle is steep.
Wonder if there will be any way of preventing that grass spawns on the rock in this example, since it’s the same “layer”.

I agree with the reply above; any update on the current status and direction of Sequencer, beyond what we’ve heard already, would be great!

Im wondering about how we will get to use NVIDIA GameWorks as well. Can you give us some information on this topic? Welcome back from holidays, and happy new year to the Epic staff :slight_smile:

Seconded. I’d very much be interested in hearing more about this. Especially interested in TurfEffects and WaveWorks, which I believe Nvidia will have implemented this month. Any we’ll see them included by default within the engine?

Hi all,
Ecosystem is a new (experimental) tool for quickly placing foliage in large areas without having to manually paint each instance.
It uses a set of rules to compute how different types of foliage interact, giving you some nice effects found in nature like clustering, age curves, self thinning, etc…
The system is under heavy development, but will likely be in the 4.8 release.

That is everything I ever dreamt Ecosystems would be (and what I hoped Foliage tool would turn into)!
I can’t describe my excitement for this. Thank you! This is truly needed and a welcomed feature for any of us making larger areas.
Question; will there be any way of having presets for different areas or “biomes” if you will? I would love to have a preset for our different types of forests and such so I don’t have to go in and switch plants by hand.

Yes. We have a new asset type which is essentially a biome. It allows you to specify the list of foliage types you want to generate placement for. You can then place this asset in the world and use volumes to define where placement is allowed or blocked.