[Twitch] 4.5 Check In, Animation Retargeting and More! - Sept. 25, 2014

and join us today to give the rundown of 4.5 features and overall status of the impending release. Plus, we’ll give a look into the animation retargeting feature that we’ve been working on (thanks !). Dana and myself are in London this week at EGX, so Stacey from the Unreal Tournament team has ever so graciously agreed to fill in for us while we are out.

Thursday, Sept 25th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


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Questions? Ask away!

EDIT: YouTube video up .


Hot Reloading is a major feature of 4.5.
I would like to know what’s the best process to work with a debugging session & hot reloading. I had a partial answer in another thread where someone indicate that “edit & continue” feature of Visual Studio is not possible because the compiler is external to Visual Studio. So I’m wondering how I can continue to debug my session in the editor & PIE and use the new Hot Reloading functionality.

Does the process is : I launch the editor, Attach it from VS, find my bug, unattach, fix it , rebuild, attach it again and test?



i have also a question regarding the hot reload 2.0 - i have one (in fact the trueSKY ) integrated to the UE4 which is build from source.
With 4.4 i was not able to use the hot reload 1.0 no matter how small the change was (and it was no change that needed generating new reflection code).
Is this because of the ? Will this be possible with 4.5?

much thanks in advance!

About animation retargeting, UE Skeletons etc. as you guys know there is a MASSIVE whats wrong with FBX thread on the Answerhub. the rotations and differences in ‘Forward’ for static and skeletal meshes exported into UE is causing a lot of problems. For instance I use C4D and the default skeleton provided by Epic for the Market place comes in face down on the floor :smiley:

Vehicles also suffer from forward generally being along Y when exporting from Maya, Blender etc. not sure about but very curious if you are improving the import pipeline to support the retargeting feature.

Also +100 for animation mirroring support please! :slight_smile:

Question: Please Epic, there’s a lot of people wondering if and when you’re planning on improving foliage lighting?

Reason for this:

Foliage is such a huge part of many games and I feel like it’s more or less being ignored by Epic, just like back in UDK.
We really need a lighting model for one sided geometry such as foliage. People have requested it for years.

I really feel like the engine come off in a bad light when people keep seeing sub-par foliage because of this issue. Sure you can do workarounds but none of them are practical for games.
It’s kind of expected and never something you hear about being an issue in other engines (like dynamic GI or something like that) but still Unreal never put any effort into fixing it.
This gives people the impression that the engine can’t handle it and therefore pick up Cryengine instead.
Every time this is discussed people talk about CryEngine and Unity being able to do it.

It also put IDV in a bad position when foliage made with their priced tool comes out sub-par in the engine. That’s not way of treating a company you have worked with for so long that keeps promoting your engine.

I just want a word on this, as it have been requested numerous times and as far as I know, Epic never answered.

That’s ! Looking forward 4.5 and animation retargeting! 4.5 especially so I can get started on UMG properly!

Hotreload did not work on constructors in 4.4 by the way - as far as I recall it did not warn about this either so I was testing against incorrect constructor values when hotreloading. I hope that is fixed in 4.5

Hell yeah, I cannot wait for this! :slight_smile:

Yes please! Can you answer that in the Twitch Stream please! It’s really urgent :slight_smile:

Will we be able to deploy to iOS from a binary UE4 build (launcher) in 4.5?

Sounds like you guys have been hard at work providing us with yet another outstanding update! Thank you!

As for the new re-targeting feature, could you use that to map fuse characters to Epics hero skeleton or vice versa?

Tune in for sure, we will demo this using the Character Pack (free on the Marketplace) and the Animation Starter Pack (using Epic Skeleton and Animations, also free on the Marketplace).

Yeah, apparently they will not answer any foliage related questions. Too bad :confused:

think so too!

Can’t wait to see what they have to say about 4.5!!

But for real, Whats up with foliage?

They’ve done it for years, I think there is some spam filter automatically hiding all posts including the word “Foliage” for them.
On a serious note though, it’s the only thing I thing about Epic and Unreal that I’m disappointed with, every engine out there have something in place for this, even really hacky home-made tree generators.
It can’t be that big of a project to pull off for Epic.

I’m sure this will have some MASSIVE update , i hope better foliage as good as Cryteck engine will come in 4.5

+1 for all the foliage questions :smiley:

+3 for all foliage questions,

HTML5 deploying ironed out anytime soon?

+4 for foliage questions. We need a faster and better shading model, please.

Will we get realistic water support in UE 4.5 ?