[Twitch] 4.4 and UMG Preview, Part 1 - Aug. 7, 2014

Unreal Engine 4.4 and UMG Preview

Those using the 4.4 preview build pushed to GitHub last week can access the beginnings of Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG), the UI system fully integrated with Unreal Slate that’s shipping in the full 4.4 release month.

** Kuhlenschmidt** and ** Darnell** will show early work on the new system and answer your burning questions! Please use thread to provide feedback and ask us anything.

Thursday, August 7, 11am PT / 2pm ET countdown clock]


Cowley, Senior Marketing Manager
Darnell, Tools Programmer
Kuhlenschmidt, Lead Tools Programmer
, Community Manager

Okay, you know what to do next. Sound off with questions!
See you soon.

Great work with UMG!

Can you provide a simple example of how to render a static mesh actor to the viewport widget? :slight_smile:

I asked in the preview thread, but I guess I’ll put it too: I don’t see how you move objects around the screen, specifically dynamically.

I’m interested in implementing things like a health bar over a moving object, a use prompt that follows a usable object, or an objective marker.

Based on my initial poking at the system, it wasn’t clear how to do any of that, or even more simply slide an element around the screen. For example if I wanted a panel to slide in from off screen when activated.

Anyway, I look forward to the stream and more info on UMG.

Are there any plans to implement high-precision text kerning options in UMG?

Specifically, will kerning pairs embedded in imported fonts be respected when drawing text? Or will there be some mechanism by which we can manually define custom kerning for specific pairs of glyphs?

The current text rendering system available in BP HUDs leaves a lot to be desired in terms of tight typography, so it would be pretty awesome if was addressed in UMG.

Bad kerning is bad, m’kay?

Disclaimer: Haven’t looked at the 4.4 preview, so maybe something like is already in the works?

I’ll just leave :


Lol, exactly! I’ve said ‘arrgh’ a lot the last couple of days :slight_smile:

I’m so happy by UMG function, I have waited for along time for it, replace perfectly C++. How will the new UMG editor go along with c++? I’m new to the unreal ui system, so pardon if the answer is already known/obvious.
And now, I needn’t to use Scaleform as UDK, UMG is more potential than ! I love it !

**1. **?v=HZBUxVsy_1E
2.26’ How to change walls, floors, furnitures matarial easily by UMG and blueprint ?

**2. **?v=rXRTtHkrzeU
1.55’ and 4.15’: 1.55’ How to create material library which used favourably and measure lively( at 4.15’) ?

**3. **://vimeo/79140862
0.38’ If I want to set a static mesh to center viewport, and zoom in to the set position, or show detail ( ex: plans, interrior perspective …) when I choose a house, how will I do?

**4. **://vimeo/79144629
0.44’ Choosing groups building and set layers of them, then showing grou layer menu ( floor layers, interrior layers, perspective layers…)

**5. **://vimeo/64680065
0.27’ Show static mesh menu, and choose once visually to change architecture projects (change, add or remove models - exterior, interior) ?

How is UMG/Slate shaping up for VR interfaces? Specifically projecting menus further into the screen so that they’re not “In your face” or alternatively, projected in a way that allows you to look around the UI without the UI following the camera’s movement.
It sounds like the “Crazy experimental” viewport widget might be able to accomplish ? Can you talk more about that in general, because labeling it crazy experimental warrants further discussion!

How about a UI element with a depth (not just position) that is relative to an in game object being looked at?

Personally I’m a fan of cursor-less context sensitive pop up radial menus. So if you have any radial menu examples to show off, please do :slight_smile:

I know there are several paid UI options available now, just curious how far we can push with UMG as an out of the box solution.


1 Can you name some key fetures of the UMG i dont know much other then its a WYSIWYG GUI Editor.
2 How will we interface with C++ in UMG?
3 Can be used to place materials / UI on a mesh?
4 Will there be UMG to C++ tutorials available at 4.4 release?

I’d like to see the ability to create more complex things like ‘mesh viewers’ in UMG, basically mini-viewports, and you can dictate what fills them up, how you can manipulate the view with either touch or mouse etc.

A good tutorial on actually creating a HUD both in C++ Slate and using Blueprints Draw HUD is a necessity IMO, not just health bars, but other more complex things too. I’ve hacked some things together before, but they don’t feel very solid. Loading levels directly with buttons, no loading screens etc. It doesn’t feel very solid at the moment but there’s not much documentation out there on how to do it.


  • Are UMG buttons more responsive than buttons done in Blueprint HUD’s? Often my buttons would be completely unresponsive and I’d have to spam them to get the hits to register.
  • Will we see some form of HTML/CSS Editor or integration in UMG? Things like Coherent UI exist already, but they’re very expensive, yet do a lot of the things I sort of expected to see in default UE4 already.

Is the twitch Integration part of 4.4 ?

Is HUD still useful?, could/will we not do it all with UMG now?

Via the UMG Documentation Preview you can already see an experimental node that does just that called “Viewport”.

In the UE4 roadmap - https://trello/b/gHooNW9I/ue4-roadmap - they already have plans to make a full video tutorial series once UMG is fleshed out into a stable state.

These may sound like silly questions but they are anyways ^^:

Once I have shown a widget on screen I can make the cursor focus on it, but how do instantly lose focus( and give focus back to the game ) when I close that widget?

Is it possible to use the unreal editors style in UMG created widgets? ( to create simple run-time editor looking windows for debugging etc)

I’ve played around with it and I love it so far, good job.

I can’t be live on Twitch (China ) , I hope you can answer the following questions:

  1. Will we be able to rotate UI in 3D (I’m not referring to world space UI more like HTML5 DIV rotation)? If yes when can we expect to see that? If no when can we expect to see that? (let us do some modern HUD :wink:
  2. Is there a plan to implement a special widget that could render HTML, even simple stuff?
  3. Concerning the new studio in the UK, what’s going to be their purpose?

On a side note, it blows my mind how you guys manage to make every tool so convenient and perfect so fast, its , seriously… Big congrats to the entire team, you guys are shaping the game industry more than ever.


My understanding is that UMG is an editor centric GUI system.
Is there a way to populate GUI elements from code/blueprint?
If so, does the system support population of ‘saved’ elements that been authored using the ‘GUI editor’?


I’ve been looking forward the UMG stream!

My question is: Will there be a set of video tutorials for UMG, and if so will they arrive around the time 4.4 releases? I’ve been really enjoying the video tutorials that are available so far, so a set for UMG would be perfect.

Ditto. Would like to see your thoughts on how to build a HUD these days now that UMG is available.

Please show how masking with work in UMG. Can masks be custom shapes? Will masking support varying alpha for nice feathering ?

Keep up the awesome work guys! I have the following 2 questions:

  1. GameInstance, did that actually make the cut?
  2. Are there any plans to release some content showing Lobbies and matchmaking, thanks!