Tutorial help

I am new to game creation as a whole. I don’t know how to program or anything. Are there any good tutorials for beginners for Unreal Engine. I would like to figure out how to create: custom textures, weapons, props, etc. Any form of help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hello ,

There are plenty of great video tutorials to get you started. (Having 2 monitors helps tremendously for following along!)

I’d start with learning the basics:

Editor UI


Then for creating “custom textures”

If you can make it through all those I think you’ll have a better idea of what direction to take.


For tutorials on the engine id start with the video tutorials on this site via the resources tab. As for making models and textures thats done out of the engine with programs like blender, max, or maya. I would check out the blenderguru youtube chennel for beginner tutorials