Turn object on and off

I have two different cylinder meshes with different maps for exterior view (client wanted exterior to be seen from two different heights) and i want to be able to turn one of them off and on on a button press. Note that i am total beginner in UE.

Thank you in advance for the help !

i think you need to explain a bit more on this one. for instance what do you mean by exterior view? and what do you mean by turn them off and on?

if your just trying to make the meshes not visible then use the set hidden in game node or toggle visibility.

if your so new why do you have clients?

This is how you hide/show static meshes:

Sorry should have posted an update that i was able to resolve my issue.
By exterier view i mean that i had an office interior where i can move around and two huge cylinders around it, with drone shot panoramic photos in emissive slot for exterior view. Anyway i will attatch an image that i used to resolve this in case anyone will run into same issue

I’v been into archviz for quite some time now but decided to finally pick up unreal. Here is a small test animation i created within week into learning unreal,
check it out.

And thank you for trying to answer