Trying to create neon that lights up my mesh as well?

Hi, I’m getting back into unreal after several years of a vacation. I just wrapped up building the man from Burning Man for a project Im working on, which eventually and hopefully I can get a scene into VR which people can navigate though.

Anyhow… with some of the 3d modeling packages I have used (currently blender) when you create an emissive material it also bounces off the mesh that its near. I did look at a few tutorials online but still cant seem to get the look and feel I’m going for and I’m wondering if someone could help out. I’m using 4.25.x right now.

I’n blender.

And the result from my very basic shader in UE.

Also remember I’m just getting my feet wet again with all of this…

Thank you.


You need to crank that emissive multiplier up to about 90. Also, only if you’re using static lighting, you can use the flag ‘use emissive for static lighting’, and the emissive will actually have an effect on the environment.

It that’s no good, or you’re not using static lighting ( which you can’t really unless you character is totally stationary ), then I think you have to fake it with point lights and such.

Thanks… Ill give that a shot and repot back to you…

I guess that sorted worked but its more of a haze now around the object vs very strong dedicated neon shine like you get with well neon… :slight_smile:


You can also place a post process volume in the scene to control the ‘bloom’. In fact you already have some bloom there, which is what you don’t like. You can turn the bloom almost off and crank up the emissive even more ( like 15000 ish ).

Place the PP volume in your scene and tick the ‘unboound’ option, the hunt around for bloom in the settings.