Troubleshooting with Level streaming and Open level

I started my project in the persistent level and had everything( AI behavior tree, navigation mesh, sound effects, etc.) set up properly then decided to move everything to another level.

I set the level blueprint to stream the new level and soon after, the behavior tree didn’t recognize the AI so some of the BTServices don’t work and for some reason a floating sphere with no material kept appearing in random places along with the animated gun from the starter content.

I switched to open level instead and the behavior tree recognized the AI but it he still can’t move unless I get right in front of him (he’s set to patrol unless he sees the player).

I’ve looked for solutions but I’m still fairly new to this so if anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Open level should be exactly the same as your first scenario. I’m guessing there just has to be something missing from the level, like perhaps the nav volume.

Level streaming is more subtle, and typically, when things don’t work, it’s because some parts are ready and starting, when other parts are not. So you would need to wait until the level has finished loading, then start the AI. ( I have no idea what that would entail, but that’s what’s going on… ).