Tried increasing light map reso - lighting still look bad for statmeshes

So I’ve read multiple answers on here, tried tens of different lightmap resolutions (64, 128, 246, 340, 400) and nothing changes. Everything looks bad. Anyone have any recommendations for how I can fix this absolutely disgusting lighting? Imported from 3DS MAX .FBX files. Currently on UE4.11, same issue on 4.10.4 stable

Is it showing any errors after baking the lightmap? Sometimes you might have an overlapping UVs which will produce strange results.

With this complexity of your mesh, 400 might still be too low, try something really high, like 2048 for the ground.

Ended up just changing to movable lighting since I can’t be bothered with this [REDACTED], but I assume Phoboz answer is correct and will choose that as the answer.