Tree leaves have black outlines from a distance


This is what my tree leaves look like up close, however, when I zoom out, the leaves get a bad looking black outline to them. (Shown in the smaller pic). I am trying to get them to look like my other trees from a distance, but I don’t know where the difference is…



That looks like the shading distance on the light, not the texture. Have you tried placing one in the distance and one up close specifically for comparison? I would say that it lies with either the distance field ambient occlusion or one of the draw distances on your directional light.

The other trees look like they are using a subsurface material. I would say its in the material somewhere for sure, but its hard to say without seeing the material set up. Its possible its the model, but I would start with the material first.

Here’s an up close view (1), and two further away (2, 3).

And here’s my leaf material.

The trees labelled 1, 2, and 3 are using the same tree and material as the one above.

The trees that are working (and look like pines) are using this material

Turns out the problem was my leaf texture. On each of the individual leave’s edges, there was some blurred white, some form of antialiasing. This was in turn interpreted as a different “white” by ue4, which made it look outlined.

To fix, all I did was harden all the edges on my leaves, to make it truly one solid white color.