Training Livestream - Getting Started with Post Processing - July 6 - Live from Epic HQ

Post process effects enable artists and designers to influence the overall look and feel of their project. will go over a handful of techniques and built-in tools, such as the Depth of Field visualizer and Bloom, that you can use to put those nice touches to work for you! As always, he’ll also be answering live questions. Don’t miss out!

Sample Project Download

Livestream Outline

Thursday, July 6th @ 2:00PM ET



Feel free to ask any questions on the topic in the thread below, and remember, while we try to give attention to all inquiries, it’s not always possible to answer everyone’s questions as they come up. This is especially true for off-topic requests, as it’s rather likely that we don’t have the appropriate person around to answer. Thanks for understanding!


It would be nice to hear about how to use post-process in VR properly and efficiently.

This is a good livestream. I’ve been expecting an ARKit livestream. I’m sure its on a to do list somewhere.

I really like and have recommended his tutorials plenty of times. My pre-stream questions that I would like to input would concern the use of post-process materials. It would be nice to learn a little more detail on their actual performance impact and optimization. I would also be interested to learn about the best way to transition between them, and other dramatic changes to post-process settings in general across a level? I am currently working on an underwater level that allows a submarine to both dive and surface and have been working extensively with these topics. Great stream, definitely watching it live!

My main complaint regarding Post Processing IN UE4 is , why some of the key aspects of Post Processing is disabled for Android Platforms such as DoF and Lens Flares , and limited support to Bloom and many features of PP .
Is there any specific reason for this , maybe performance hit?
Is there any alternative for this ?

Sounds great, would be cool to get something on the Panini Projection. Cheers

Happy 1st Post! <3

^ This. I would really like some official feedback in that thread from a Rendering Engineer / Programmer.

In 4.15 the core look of all games being made in Unreal changed - and while some adopted this without issue, some games relied on the old aesthetic. Since it’s not impossible pretty much to return to the old tonemapper (the console command DOES NOT restore the old appearance perfectly), it’s kind of a big deal for many of us.

I understand the old version isn’t “physically correct”, but not all of the engines’ users want that for every use case anyway. We’ve lost artistic control.


sounds good!

always does a good stream. :slight_smile:

could you please give us an example how to use PP volume to make only smaller objects in the scene blurred (while encapsulated in small PP volume)
i am working on Topdown game and have some difficulties to make objects close to the camera blured while everithing else remains sharp.
Thank you, looking forward to the stream!

Hey All,

Excited to get into this stuff with you today!

We have collected some of the questions from this thread already, and I will do my best to address those questions and others during the Q&A section towards the end of the stream. There’s a lot to cover as usual, and I am going to be switching between the Documentation, Content Examples, and a Test Project I put together for the stream.


oh… and…

~ Welcome @Amanda.Bott ~ :cool:

Thanks!! <3